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  1. My neighbour who is the architect and the builder of his second story renovation has deviated from his plans and caused my workshop to flood. A bank accessor was called in and have agreed to pay out. The problem is the neighbour refuses to attend to the problem. A notice was issued but it has a two month grace period building inspector also promised to give a section 12 notice. Seems nothing has been done as he is off work indefinitely. SACAP has already fined this neighbour for deviating from his approved plans previously but he just continues to do what he wants. New plans have been submitted to put in gutters on our boundary wall but this will be an encroachment issue. Can I approach another municipality out side my area to assist us especially as my property and contents of workshop is being ruined after each cold front comes our way.

  2. Any rules and regulations for shacks? Seems like nowadays a choice for considering – peacefully neighbours who live closely together, stand together when help is needed – and without high cost for specialists from scratch to end of building a home? Only wondering.

  3. No but you should notify the council of your intention.

  4. I want to raise my existing boundary wall from current 900mm by 700mm to 1600mm do I need a plan

  5. We have been watching a similar scenario where certain building issues are being sidelined. One involves the construction of a raised walkway (without plans) into the boundary line where building is not permitted. Also no neighbour’s consent has been given. One of the neighbours has complained numerous times and while the council tries to ignore the complaints, they did eventually send a building inspector who agreed that the building regs had been breached. The very next day the neighbour received an email from council to say that everything was in order. The one idea that comes to mind is bribery! However this is almost impossible to prove. Regarding fixing notices to fences – that is not a building regulations requirement. However you neighbour DOES require plans to extend a house and you are totally within your rights to demand to see these. Neighbours can only object if a waiver of some sort is required – e.g. building closer to the boundary than allowed in the local authority zoning regulations, or going higher than allowed. However if you are aware that building regulations are not being followed – including building with no plans; no inspection of trenches etc – then you can insist that building is stopped until the non-compliance is rectified. Keep phoning and emailing and going into the council planning dept. It’s likely to be the only thing that will work. It would be interesting to know which area this is?

  6. G Brindley sê:

    This non compliance problem seems tobe growing. My neighbour starting building and extending a house. The council planning department was repeatedly notified and nothing was done about the situation. Eventually, after veiled threats about getting a lawyer involved the inspector visited the house and issued a notice to stop all building as itwas an illegal structure. Now a few weeks later buildinghas resumed. The same inspector said that permission had been given to continue building. I requested further details form the inspector since I understand that no inspections had been done regarding foundations and that a formal public notice of intent for the purpose of the construct was ever made. I have had no response from the municipality inspector. Under the regulations, I thought that a notice of building intent should be fixed in a prominent position on the fence of the property to notify neighbours? I am wrong in assuming this requirement?

  7. WHO IS THE BUILDER… ?? Shocking waste of consumer monies…& risk to people’s safety.