Container house

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  1. Hi
    Has a container house ever been approved by a municipality anywhere in the Western cape?

    If so please advise the detail, or please refer me to someone vthat will have the information

    Will appreciate your feedback

  2. Do one need to provide architectural & engineers’ drawings in order to get the Agrement Certificate?
    Are there any architects/engineers in SA that maybe specialise in container/modular homes?

  3. Hi guys Im new at this but ok,Im looking for some help Im building a 40ft container home my question is about plumbing.I have a compost toilet so the plumbing is only for shower water,bathroom basin and kitcken sink,running to a gey water tank with the plumbing under the house to save space. Any help on how much this would cost.

  4. Who issue this certificate?
    The local health municipality inspector requires OCC on her visit but they could not direct me how to go about to get it.

  5. Does container homes or clinics get a occupancy certificate overthought not a permanent structure?

  6. Hi Dave. We are looking at building a container home in South Africa, KZN to be exact in about 2 years time. We have been doing quite a bit of research on the subject and still have a ways to go. Im worried about the fact that only an NHBRC builder / architect may tackle this project. We were hoping to purchase the containers, convert them ie the frames, etc and then transport them and do the balance of the internal conversion on site. Id like some of your feedback and input if you would be interested.

  7. Hi Virginia, You will have to get approval of an alternate building method. The best is to contact the planning department of the Cape municipality and ask. A professional architect will have more leverage with the approval of plans for this. Contact one of the architects and ask.


    Can I put up a container home in the Northern Suburbs Western Cape South Africa or sare there restrictions to where one can put them up?

  9. An architect or some other “competent person” will need to be involved – by law. The fact that you want to build with containers doesn’t change that. Nor does it change the basic requirements in terms of plumbing, energy requirements and so on.

  10. Hi. Craig here. Would it be better to get an architect involved and let them sort all the costs out? I might have contacts for containers.

  11. You will need an Agrement Certificate that specifies exactly how the workshop will be constructed

  12. Goeie dag.

    I am interested in building a workshop out of containers.

    So basically stacking 2 x 12m on top of another to give height, them closing off the back with one single 12m. then spanning a pitched roof over the top, laying a concrete floor.
    Are there any requirement or specifications needed to go head with this? Would I need building, floor, elevation and structural engineering plans and would one have to submit them to the local town planning section at the municipality?

    Thanks, your help would be much appreciated.

  13. No Jethro we are not builders. This website simply gives information.

  14. You need to follow all the National Building Regs but in terms of The application of the National Building Regulations Part A: General principles and requirements, you will also need an Agrément Certificate that “confirms fitness-for-purpose of a non-standardized product, material or component or the acceptability of the related non-standardized design and the conditions pertaining thereto (or both) issued by the Board of Agrément South Africa.” The Board of Agrément South Africa operates under the delegation of authority of the Minister of Public Works.

  15. I am interested in Building a container home. Please let me know what is the regulation requirements.

  16. Hello my name is jethro I want to no do you build in gauteng south Africa and can a person pay it of .

  17. Hi

    I am a contractor that tries to do the extraordinary and out of the box ideas when it comes to builds.

    I have not built a container home as yet, but have read up on the construction and design of homes that are built with containers.

    This would be something I would like to get involved with.

    If you find someone that can do this for you, I’d like to be involved, even just for the experience, maybe get involved with the design aspect of it.

    Or if you want to take on the challenge, we can tackle it together.

    We have extensive experience in construction and metalwork, so the construction principles required are solid.


  18. Martyn I am not sure about the UK building regs, but I have seen many container homes there. I suggest you contact the planning department of your own local authority for more info. They should be able to advise.

  19. Sorry no; we don’t do construction work and so don’t provide quotations.

  20. Hi can you give me a quote for,2 bedroom house container

  21. Unfortunately we are not in a position to supply prices. You need to find contractors/companies that do this kind of building work and ask them to quote you.

  22. i need some prices please on construction of residential container in hermanus, western cape

  23. martyn mantack sê:

    hi i live in the uk and would like to build a shipping container house on land that im trying to buy. will a container pass the relative building regs. Can i go down the recycable road with the various planning depts

  24. Hello Dawie
    Did you ever find out about those regulations? I am interested in building a shipping container house in the Western Cape’s Swartland area, and wonder if it might be a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare. If you’ve progressed this, please leave a comment here.

  25. Hi Dylan, Any building made out of wood, concrete, bricks & mortar, steel including containers are classified as a building and need plans and approval. Many construction sites and businesses use containers for storage and sometimes as site offices and these will get a temporary permit. As each municipality can view these differently I suggest you contact your local planning dept and find out their attitude towards this. BTW You have a great bike 😀

  26. If you use a shipping container/s for making a garage, would you have to get plans drawn up and approved before commencing with building them. Also would these be classified as building?

  27. Hi Jenilee

    Had any luck with costing? Please let me know or get in contact with as we also interested in taking on a similar project. My mail


  28. Hi Jennilee, I have moved your comment to the correct place as we clearly say that the “Contact us” is for advertisers only. This website is called SANS10400 Building Regulations and not Building and Construction. We do not do any building work so we cannot give you a quote.

  29. Onderwerp:
    container houses
    Goeie dag

    Could you please give us a rough estimate quote.

    We are looking at buying a vacant stand and building three two storey
    houses, each with its own kitchen, lounge, toilet (downstairs) and
    about 4 bedrooms two which have en suite bathrooms out of containers.
    Our main idea is to connect the three “houses” with glass so that we
    have a communal area. We would also like to have a bar/entertainment
    area seperate from this.

    Could you please advise how much this will cost, whether you guys can
    do the conversing, plumbing, gas, electricity, plumbing etc.


  30. Dawie the National Building Regulations state that if non-standard materials are used for building, you need an agrément certificate that confirms fitness-for-purpose of a non-standardized product, material or component or the acceptability of the related non-standardized design and the conditions pertaining thereto (or both) issued by the Board of Agrément South Africa – and you then build in accordance with the terms of an agrément certificate. The Board operates under the delegation of authority of the Minister of Public Works and I know there have been some changes, so I am not sure exactly what you need to do to get the certificate. Presumably a bekwame persoon will be able to help you.

  31. Dawie Jansen sê:

    Hi I am very interested in building a container house. What does the building regulations say for SA regarding this?

  32. Hi Lucy,
    That particular container house system is designed by a Danish architectural firm. The designer is a guy called Mads Moller and he can be contacted here: They do say on the website that the system can be tailored any way you want and they ship anywhere in the world.
    As for the next part of your comment, I have lived here in the Western Cape for 30 years so I am familiar with the bureaucracy in this part of the world. You might face an uphill battle to get your project off the ground. Having said that, this is the best province in South Africa to start somthing like this. Good luck, and please keep in touch and updated with your progress.

  33. Lucy Petersen sê:

    Hi, I love and applaud your idea, and would very much like to build one of these in the UK. Also, in a year or two, I would like to start a housing regeneration project in the Western Cape, South Africa, where there is desperate need for basic shelter for the homeless. Renewable energy systems would be extremely useful, so Townships do not have to depend on government supplies of water and electricity. Please could you give me cost details for a very basic shell, with facility for renewable systems, and also for something more suited to the UK market? I.e, as pictured above.
    Baie dankie,
    Lucy Petersen

  34. Hannes the article is about a business in Norway and there details are at the bottom of the story.

  35. Hannes Theunissen sê:

    Hi, I love the design of the container house and would like to know more, however I get the idea you are not from South Africa. Can you let me know as soon as possible. I’d like the price also.