Electric Fence laws

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  1. Noletta Vincent sê:

    Goeie dag

    Please assist as i bought a property
    And this property has. An electric fence already
    However the owner does not want to provide me with a electric fence certificate…
    He says he can remove it
    My question is i bought
    The house with thr electric fence installed allready

    Please advice

  2. if i am living in a free standing house with a precast boundary wall, i am wanting to put up an electric fence on top of the boundry wall as we have had a few incidences with people trying to break in. my neighbor doesn’t want me to put up the electric fence as she says doesn’t want to me to cut her plants back that are growing over into my garden. Am i legally allowed to cut them to make my property safe or is there another alternative to keep the plants away from the electric fence?

  3. when an electric fence is the cause of reception to radio EG a radio ham radio operators who has to effect repairs and under what law to eliminate interference with the station ?

  4. Peter Grant sê:

    No one, not even the SABS, will give information regarding the legal rights of neighbours nor confirm if the owner/user is responsible for maintenance including calling Telkom to fix a sagging phone line that is going to touch the fence, whether a lose earth wire makes the fence illegal and if all 5 wires touching a plastic rain water down pipe is allowed without my permission or even legal.

  5. You should probably remove it

  6. Are you saying someone did this without your permission? I have no saying of knowing it is safe – but if you didn’t give permission you have the right to tell them to remove it!

  7. It depends on the specific rules of the complex Dirk

  8. I can’t comment on the way your complex operates, but it is your responsibility if you installed the fencing, to get a COC from the electric fence installer. See this COC.

  9. At least 1.5 m unless the bylaws say it must be higher

  10. Chris chances are you will end up in prison if this happens!

  11. Your local authority – electric fences are normally covered in the bylaws

  12. No it isn’t legal. Contact the local authority!

  13. Absolutely not! Why would it be any safer out of town?

  14. The South African Electric Fence Installers Association (SAEFIA) website has a list of electric fence installers in different areas. They should all be registered. Contact someone in your area for advice.

  15. Contact your local authority or perhaps the South African Electric Fence Installers Association (SAEFIA) – they do have a website with contact details.

  16. The one compliance certificate will be for the electricity installation (for the whole house) and the other for the fence itself. More about this in a new article we have just published. So it is the fence installer you need to talk to (who won’t necessarily be an electrician). However, that said, you should also talk to the seller because it sounds as if he/she may be in breach of your sale agreement. Perhaps the estate agent can help? Alternatively you will probably have to get legal advice… this in itself might force them to rectify the situation.

  17. I would start with your local authority because this should be covered in the bylaws. In Cape Town, for instance, the minimum fence height is 1,8 m! You could also try calling South African Electric Fence Installers Association (SAEFIA) for advice.

  18. Michelle Burn sê:

    Hallo Penny,
    My neighbor has recently cut away and retained our soil, for a level pool area on her property. She then put up a prefabricated wall just in front of the retaining blocks on her side, an added electric fence on top. So from her side the fence is 1,5m high.but on our property, the fence is only about 300mms from the ground. What can I do to make her change it? I have a 2year old and two dogs that will touch it!


  19. I purchased a house and was given 2 compliance certificates, one for the house and 1 for the electric fence surrounding the house. After a few weeks living in the house I noticed that the electric fence had a number of wires broken and that is was actually not working. I contacted the electrician who gave the compliance certificate and told him to repair the fence. He refused and said he and the seller had come to an agreement, where he would not have to repair the fence. I know this is all illegal, please can you advice me on the way forward to resolve this.
    Vriendelike groete

  20. Hi, my neighbour’s electric fence arcs continously and I cannot work, think, sleep – what are the regulations in this regard? Obviously I’ve spoken to them and their contractor says there is nothing he can do about it.

  21. Sorry this isn’t governed by the NBR. Contact the SABS and see if there are other SANS that cover this. Alternatively search our site for “electric fencing” and contact organisations mentioned on these pages.

  22. Dot Trimble sê:

    While away from my property a company came into my garden ( exclusive use) and fitted a cable down my garden wall and earth for an electric fence..my garden is small and I have a 2 year old grandson playing and watering in the garden…is this safe?

  23. Darlene Carelse sê:

    What is the law regarding the signage advising electric fencing is installed. I require size and example please

  24. What about ful titel units in a compleks who is responsible for the certificate

  25. isaac mongale sê:

    i want to have a electric fance certificate bt i dont know what is needed to have it

  26. If you are electrically fencing a plot not in a town, can you electrify the fence all the way to the ground?

  27. Matthew smith sê:

    In the instance of a “derelict” electric fence with no energiser attached is there still a requurement to have the system brought up to dpec or is it treated as a simplecwire fence, albeit in a state of disrepair?

  28. hi, if I am living on Farm and my neighbour installs electric fencing on an existing fence between our properties with the conductors on my side of the property surely this is not legal? what about the risk to my family etc?

  29. I have moved into a complex and the fence is earthed via plastic conduit on the outside of the wall. Shouldn’t it be on the inside to prevent interference?

  30. Jane this has nothing to do with building regulations so I can’t help – maybe someone else can?

  31. When energizer is placed in asecured cabinet must aisollater switch be fitted outside cabinet ?

  32. to whom/what controlling body do I report an illegal fence to?

  33. Mari Steyn sê:

    We are a Home Owners Association with electric fencing around the perimeter of a village comprising of 46 units. Our electric fence was erected before 2012. We are now considering replacement of the electric strands on the existing fence. No alteration to the fence itself. Will we be compliant?

  34. My neighbour has put up an electric fence on the outside of the wall in the pavement, starting from the ground upwards. Is it legal?

  35. Where do you find an accredited installer to bring an existing electric fencing up to standard? Is there a website that you can verify an installer?

  36. Chris Groenewald sê:

    Our government is criminal friendly! Why? because there are a number of government officials that do not belong in government, but in prison.
    I have no electric fence, but I have inside my premises two 75W laser guns 1,2m above floor level at strategic places. They can be activated manually or by motion detector.
    Those guns are normally used to cut thin sheet metal, so the bastard who gets in the line of such a beam will have to go and explain why a tiny portion of his body got deep fried. I understand that such a wound does not heal very readily. He’ll also have to explain what he did in my premises, but I think that would be of no consequence to the law enforcers, I’ll be “die vark in die verhaal”

  37. Brenda Holte-Smith sê:

    I live in a complex and my unit is at the back corner of the complex. Three sides of the complex there are 2 lots of electric fencing as the complex backs onto another complex including a home. The fence directly behind my unit backs onto another big complex. We put up fencing between ourselves and this complex and asked them to contribute towards it as we have had incidents and it will also be to their benefit.. They have electric fencing around the rest of their complex.
    I would like to ask how do they get a Electrical Compliance certificate for their Electric Fence for their Complex and how do they even know that our fence is even working as they did not partake in the installation of the system.
    Would they have to approach us for the Certificate to be issued according to the By Laws?
    I would appreciate your comments.

  38. Hi

    What height of the ground should en electric fence be in a complex

  39. A free standing Electric fence may be installed around a complex but the regulation states that there must be a barrier fence of at least 1500mm height with openings not more than 150mm (on both sides if necessary) to prevent any public from coming into contact with that fence. Also warning signs have to be displayed not more than 10m apart. That electrical fence is deemed illegal and as of 2012 electric fences have to have valid C.O.C (Certificate of Compliances) You need to inform the complex governing body to comply, failing which it is your duty to report the matter to the authorities.

  40. The wiring has to be a certain height off the ground so that nobody – including dogs – is at risk.

  41. Erica Wolter sê:

    If electric fencing is put around a complex which means that the wires are exposed on both sides. Who is responsible to ensure that children and dogs are safe?

  42. Don Macleod sê:

    Not only Sectional Title properties. Owners who have formed a registered company to service their common interests (roads, perimeter fencing, entrance control, anti-poaching and security etc) may be in the same boat.Have you email addresses where I can send my query?

  43. Don Macleod sê:

    It is not clear which requirements of the Non-lethal Fencing regulations apply in areas of low population density (say below 400 persons per sq km). It is also not clear who is the ‘user’ where a number of freehold properties are enclosed within a common fence – e.g. a group of game farms within a fenced area.

  44. Talje Marais sê:

    Very interesting article. A lot of people argue the consequences. What would be the consequences if seller or agent issued a non compliant property with a compliance certificate. Where can we view the consequences according to the law?

  45. Mandy Bearpark sê:

    I live in a complex and part of the property has just had electric fencing, there is no compliance certificate. The director is unaproachabel. There has not been a meeting in this regard. can you email regulations in this instance.
    Mandy Bearpark

  46. Thanks for the article. Would you please send a copy to the ombudsman for sectional titles once his office opens later this year. Regards