Electric Fence

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  1. Start with your local municipality.

  2. Yes the electrician does need to be registered. If not, a registered person must supervise and take responsibility for the work.

  3. Yes he can get someone else to sign off, but you should, in any car, ask for a copy of the CoC. You will need to ask a registered electrician about the lights.

  4. hi penny
    I live in a sectional title complex and they have gotten a contractor out to install our electric fence but is the same guy that repaired our gutters. the boundary wall falls in my property where the electric fence has been put up. do we need to request a copy of the COC and if he is not registered can he get someone else to sign off the electric fence and issue the COC , can we request a copy of his certification.
    another thing is there any law that sates that those lights( to indicate the fence is on) has to be on the electric fence and how many m apart .

  5. Manie Louw sê:

    Please tell me if you have to be registered if you are only repairing the fence and finding faults on existing installations.

  6. Garth Moore sê:

    It seems articles have failed to point out the radio interference caused by electric fences that are not installed/maintained properly and allowed to spark/arc over along their length somewhere. There is a Telkom document available which highlights this as a cause of ADSL subscribers experiencing intermittent connections/corruption of data where a faulty sparking fence is being operated in close proximity to phone/data lines. Operating a fence in this state is a contravention of ICASA Radio Regulations and the fence can be reported and will be shut off as being non-compliant.
    As far as I am concerned, most of these electric fences are suburban gimmicks – using a short fluorescent tube as an HT indicator and a short wire to earth/between appropriate fence wires the fence is rendered useless…..and most criminals know it. Another example, fences fitted with the Jurassic insulator with the wire slot is easily bypassed – just use insulated pliers and lift the wires up a level or two. As long as the wires do not short, no alarm is given and a gap is created to slide over the wall under them….!

  7. Chris Jordaan sê:

    To whom do we report non compliance to?

  8. Wessel Pieters sê:

    If the electric security system is non-lethal what is the reason for a CoC or to install it 1,5m high?

    My fence is installed so that the burgalar gets a surprize when he moves accress fences with ill intent. It is not visible….therefore it is a deterrent.

    Are the protectors of criminals not going overboard?

  9. G.H. Moore sê:

    The Nemtek electric fence installed recently next door has been proved to cause radio interference to my radios and also causes my ADSL to run slower because the signal is being corrupted by this fence. The neighbor has been approached but is unco-operative in getting the matter resolved. What steps do you suggest prior to me reporting this useless electric fence equipment to ICASA (Radio inspectors) for them to seal up. How is it that Nemtek can put equipment like this on the market and claim that it is approved?
    I do not see why I have to listen to a continual “tick-tick” sound on my radio or that my ADSL speed should be slowed down when it was not there before.

  10. A COC = a certificate of compliance! You should already have a COC for the electrical installation for your house. Now you need the COC for the electric fencing. This must be provider by the installer who must be registered.

  11. Soraya Joseph sê:

    Hi I am installing an electric fence tomorrow on my property which is in length 7 vibracrete slabs long next to an empty plot, do I need both COC’s. or just a certificate of compliance, cost is R600 extra for this coc.

  12. If there were changes after the new regs came in then yes. “Old electric fence systems that existed prior to March 25 2011 do not require a COC unless there have been additions or alterations to the system, or there was a change of ownership of the property after October 1, 2012.”

  13. Hallo Penny
    Our Company electric fence was built and handed over before 1 October 2012.
    Since then, several changes was effected, also new communication method. Such changes require a new COC.
    In order to obtain this new COC, do I have to “Jack Up” the fence to the present standard???

  14. As long as they comply with the old 1988 regulations old electric fences need to be replaced. And if they comply, there is no reason why they shouldn’t qualify for a COC. The article we originally posted on the new electric fencing law will give you further information.

  15. What about the Retrofitting of old fencing that were installed before the 2009 regulations ? Is one compelled to do this retrofit ?