Wendy house garden structure

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  1. Not for the patio but you will need plans for walls or any form of enclosure and roof.

  2. Grace Ntuli says:

    I would like to build a closed patio which will be separate from the house. Do I need a plan and approval?

  3. If your approved plans include the patio, you don’t need new plans. Just be sure to follow them. If you want to make changes to the approved plans, you can submit a “built as” rider to the plans.

  4. Yvonne Naidoo says:

    I want to close up my patio to make a study area – Do i need plans to close it up.
    I submitted plans to put in the patio of 14sqm which was approved before I built up the patio.
    Cape Town – Windsor Park

  5. Good day
    Do we need plans to built a loose standing a Tree house for the kids?
    Area- Eldoraigne Centurion

  6. Hi Janek and Penny

    Thank you very much for your website it is extremely helpful.

    Do you know if the area of a tool shed is measured on the inside or the outside.

    I am asking because if I use large concrete block bricks the inside will be a lot smaller.

    Many thanks


  7. Jane Byrne says:

    Hi we live on a complex of cluster houses (Home Owners Association) and one of the neighbours has erected a “wendy” type structure in their back garden which they are using as storage. It’s possibly 5 x 5. It can only be seen by one neighbour and that’s if she stands on her balcony and leans over. No-one else can see it. There’s a big argument now about it being legal. Should they have plans for this?

  8. Good day

    I live in Tshwane, and I want to erect a 36 sqm carport structure in my backyard. It will be closed on two sides – fence between myself and neighbours. It will not use it to park my car; but rather used as an entertainment area (shelter). Do I need a plan or approval from the municipality?



  9. Hi there.

    I am staying in a townhouse complex I want to replace my cargola with a solid roof. At the moment there is no roof on the cargola. The chairperson of the complex said in order for me to put a solid roof on the cargola I need a plan and also municipal approval. He also send me pictures how the final product must look. Can you assist me in what to do. Your response will be highly appreciated.


  10. Hi please can you advise if a neighbour needs plans for a lapa constructed on my boundry wall and where I can inspect this in centurion. tshwane. Thank You

  11. Hi. What size can a greenhouse wood wooden beam and sheeting roof be without building plans? How far should it be positioned from the boundary wall.

    Do I need plans for a garden toilet fir a gardener?


  12. Hallo my neighbor built a wooden shed in his back yard that looks more like a shack than a Wendy House. Is this allowed without plans? If this is allowed, then anybody can build whatever they want in their back yards without plans.

  13. Hi there. I’d like to check whether an open PVC pergola would need permission from council (City of Cape Town)? Thanks

  14. Unfortunately not. Please be aware that you will need approved plans

  15. Good day!

    I wish to put up some 1 and 2 bedroom wooden houses (Wendy houses) on the Bluff, Durban. Anyone have any info on contacts etc please?

  16. Hello

    I would like to build a workshop (2m x 3m) with a table and all my tools (drill, saws, etc). Would I need plans for this? It will definitely have windows and a door, but not intended for human living.

    I just want a space to do my hobbies (carpentry, woodwork, etc). I’m in Sandton.

  17. Any form of wall or fence over 1.8 m requires plans.

  18. hi, I want to enhance my landscaping by adding 6 lattice screens, there will be fastened to the existing boundary wall (on my side of the wall) – the intention is that these screens will be covered by plants and other greenery over time…

    on my side on the fence these screens measure 2.5m – do I need building plans for this ?

  19. Hi Pauline, Most municipalities in SA only require a written notification that you intend to erect a garden shed that will be considered “minor building work” Do keep a record/or copy of the letter as proof that you complied with the bye-laws.

  20. Hi, do one need any plans to put up a Wendy House in my Garden? Many people have mentioned that I need to get plans from Municipality, I am in Pietermaritzburg and it would be used for storage in my back garden.

    Thank you!

  21. Hi Sikhalo,
    We do not do any Certificates at all. You need to contact the NHBRC directly. All the contact details are on the website here: NHBRC

  22. sikhalo sikhonde says:


    I would like to know how much you charge for NHBRC Certificate and how long does it take for one to have it.

    Hoping for a speedy respond as I would love to start ASAP.


    Sikhalo Sikhonde