building collapses

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  1. Angelo Cameron says:

    On building collapses. Where roof structures are concerned failure is not usually the truss but the lack of bracing. Few people outside the industry understand the requirements of SANS 10243. even engineers. Note we are all idiots outside our specialty.

  2. Angelo Cameron says:

    Hi Mark, Pre-Fab trusses only have to be strong enough. How are you determining the number and size of bolts? When ever I have tried to replace nail-plates with bolts all the timber sizes had to be increased to allow adequate edge and end distances. Your bolted truss will cost more in time labor and material and give you an uncertain result. Further you may not build a girder truss using empirical design.

  3. Good luck with your research. I am afraid I do not offer a free service to undertake research for people.

  4. pls i need court or law cases on professionals negligence in building collapse, am doing research on that

  5. I am personally registered with the NHBRC. Where/ how do I find a competent person to erect a tiled roof? I know all the regulations and specifications of trusswork including bolts in the right places (everywhere there is a join) and the right dimensions and class of timber for the spans and so-on. I dont see how a pre-assembled trusses can be as strong as the ones I design on site .Impossible!

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond Julius. You are so right!

  7. Julius Nshoya says:

    Design of buildings involves professionals. Collapse of buildings in most cases are due to the following:
    -professionals involved had limited kwolege or experience
    – negligence from professionals involved
    – client failed to engage qualified and experienced professionals
    -builders /contractors had limited knowledge or experience, wants to save money
    – and other many reasons.

  8. i am doing a research on the current South african building regulations and how it impacts on quality managment system.
    Looking for articles and everything i can get on this topic.
    Your help will be highly appriciated

  9. Julius Nshoya says:

    It is important that we take seriously our professional rsponsibility and also educate the community the importance of engaging qualified professionals when undertaking building development.