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  1. Paul Fitz says:

    Based in Caoe Town, and have a small double storey duplex with no yard space on the sides and just enough space for 2 vehicles to park in the front driveway.
    Therefore the idea for a galvanized mild steel double space carport(4 mts wide x 7 mts long)
    Then to erect a pergola with a timber deck floor on top of the structure and enclose with a polycarbonate top.
    Finally to replace the upstairs bedroom window with a sliding door to exit onto the pergola area which will be on top of the carport.
    Technically al this is Minor Building Work,however I have a feeling the local municipality might not agree.

  2. Tony Chetty says:

    Hi Janek

    Will covering a pergola with Muliwall Polycarbonate sheeting, colour clear or bronze will be regarded as “Minor Building Work” that do not require a plan. it allows light to come in.

    If i build a pergola 1 meter from boundary walls will that constitue any issues with the building council.

  3. Hi Janek

    We are building a pergola with metal sheets for the roof and clear panels as well. Size is 6.2m x 5.66m. Will we need building plans for this? It will be attached to the side of our house.

  4. Hi,

    What wood is recommenced for pergolas? SA Pine suitable for long term?

  5. Do I need plans and permission to build a gazebo

  6. good day , I have build my pergola as a minor build but I put a proper roof over it as it was cheaper than Canvas but they say you now have gone over your % roof allowance . can you apply for relaxation on this and/ if declined can you put canvas over and that does not effect your roof allowance ?
    please assist.

  7. If the structure is regarded as minor building work you won’t require plans. See this article for more information.

  8. Hi
    Thank you for all the advice. Got a new question. If I want to put pollicarb over the pergola would I need plans? What would be the biggest I can go without plans

  9. Good morning,

    What an helpful site! Thank you.

    Should I build such a pergola, attached to my home, and install retractable canvass awnings, would that alter the position as to the necessity for building plans?


  10. Any solid roof covering will need approval from the council whether this is for full plans or approval as “minor building work”. Aluminium is not an exeption, my mother sold her house in Howick Natal recently and they made her submit plans for the aluminium shutter roof over her back stoep. She was told by the aluminium shutter supplier that she did not need plans, this was so wrong as the company might not have got the sale if she had known. Buyer beware of false claims by sellers who want to make a sale.

  11. Hi,

    I wish to build a pergola over my stoep.If i decide to cover it at a later stage,do i need plans if i had to cover it with polycarbonate sheeting?why does the law allow a pergola with alluminum shutter as roof covering without plan?Jeffreysbay

  12. We are not a construction company or a design firm please contact a reliable contractor who will help you. Try the Master Builders SA.

  13. Hi Bruce, This is a good question. The law states a solid covering ie. roof sheeting of any sort, but if there are slats that permanently allow a certain percent of light through then that should not be a solid cover. On the other hand plans were required a while ago when a house was sold in KZN and the back verandah had an aluminium louvre shutter covering that could be opened or closed with a lever. They considered this a “solid” covering and “as built” plans had to be submitted before the sale of the house could go through. It would seem to be how each inspector does his/her interpretation of the laws.

  14. Bruce fraser says:

    Minor Building
    Love your website. We have an existing carport structure (uprights and cross beams without roof sheeting), which, as you know, under the present planning laws, is classified as a pergola, not requiring
    plans. We’re considering adding additional cross beams. What would the minimum cross beam centre’s be before our pergola was considered a carport?
    Kind regards,

  15. Hi

    Can you help with plans for a patio?

    Thank you

  16. Hi,

    Will I need the municipality to approve a pergola if its attached to the house?


  17. Thank you for this Pergola article. Easy to follow – very helpful – and a good looking end product.

  18. Hi Motlatjo, We are not a carport company and we do not do any construction work at all.

  19. Subject:
    carports with approved plan

    Good day can you please assist us with a carports plan for a complex with 60 units,761 prosperity road, groblerpark, can also give us a wite on carports together with plan