Sanitary disposal

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  1. is there a compliance regulation for soakaways?

    if so what are the regulations?

  2. Joshua Adam says:

    What is the minimum distance a septic tank can be from the entrance of your house?

  3. This is an interesting one because the National Building Regulations no longer cover pit latrines… presumably because they are totally unacceptable in any circumstance. Even the definition has been deleted from the Act. I doubt that there is any type of standard for “improvement”; they probably have to be filled in and a sewage system of some sort constructed! I also did a search on the SABS web site for “latrine” and there is nothing. You could phone the Plumbing Institute for advice… IOPSA See for contact details.

  4. J Duvenhage says:

    Looking for building standards for Ventilated improved pit latrines