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  1. And so? This doesn’t cover what is required specifically when it comes to temporary buildings!

  2. Godfrey Rakhivhani says:

    as per the Building Standard Act 103 of 1977 the definition of a building refers.

    ‘building’ includes-
    (a) any other structure, whether of a temporary or permanent nature and irrespective of the
    materials used in the erection thereof, erected or used for or in connection with-
    (i) the accommodation or convenience of human beings or animals;
    (ii) the manufacture, processing, storage, display or sale of any goods;
    [Sub-para (ii) substituted by s. 1 (b) of Act 62 of 1989.]
    (iii) the rendering of any service;
    (iv) the destruction or treatment of refuse or other waste materials;
    (v) the cultivation or growing of any plant or crop;
    (b) any wall, swimming bath, swimming pool, reservoir or bridge or any other structure
    connected therewith;
    (c) any fuel pump or any tank used in connection therewith;
    (d) any part of a building, including a building as defined in paragraph (a), (b) or (c);
    (e) any facilities or system, or part or portion thereof, within or outside but incidental to a
    building, for the provision of a water supply, drainage, sewerage, stormwater disposal,
    electricity supply or other similar service in respect of the building;
    [Para. (e) added by s. 1 (c) of Act 62 of 1989.]

  3. Mason Naicker says:

    Good Day ,

    I live in a complex that was constructed in 2016, we took occupation in july 2016 ,ever since we have had several defects on the building side ,roof tiles blowing off, bricks falling off, we have had so many repairs done over the 4 years ,even had issues with insurance companies where at 1 point they terminated our cover and we had to look elsewhere and pay high premiums just to get covered, Recently we noticed that these very same shaded carports need to replaced due to the steel members failing as they have rusted really bad and are ripping off ,the shade nets we understand will get damaged over time, the complex has zero funds to repair or replace, the developer pulled out after 2 years

    Any advise ?

  4. Hi Penny

    We have purchased a plot but would like to build and apply for a building loan or build out of pocket . However the repayments will not be affordable if we still have to pay for our rental as well. My questions is can you erect a nutec home on your plot wihile building your home, It will be a temporary building for a year if we do not get the building loan and what regulations will apply. Our plot is in Jagtershof Kuilsriver.

  5. Forgiveness says:

    If you bought a farm and want to safe guard your property by erecting a house that is built according to the plans can the local municipality prohibits you not to erect such structure in your property?

    What would be the need for people to purchase the land but are unable to occupy?

  6. Lavern Johnson says:

    Hi Penny,

    I have been struggling June of last year to get my plans approved. The municipality has been giving me the run around even after I have asked if I can build a L – sharp structure on my vacant land with Concrete slabs and a Wendy house is not allot in the area. After purchasing my material, I was then told that I can’t build with that material, because it will upset my neighbors. After going around in this neighborhood, I found that there was in fact a wooden house… Completely build with wood and it’s upsetting no body.

    However, I have then complied with what they required but yet they are giving me the run around. I have ran out of option but was thinking can I apply for a temporary structure while I get my plans in place. I am currently renting about because of all the delays and sadly my daughter is out of a school because of all the moving and non-stop nonsense the municipality is Giving. I am desperate and need my daughter in a school and sadly the only place there is a school is the place I intend to build.

    Please advise if a temporary structure is something I can opt for.. Just to get my plans in order.

    Kind regards

  7. Hi, does anyone know if there is a sans standard of how a temporary building such as a small parkhome should be mounted to the ground. One of our parkhomes was recently blown over by the wind and for future risk management I want to ensure that we comply with whatever standard there might be.

  8. hello penny

    i would like to build a temporary structure using precast slabs dimensions 4x8m so as to monitor when they are building my permanent structure, what kind of a plan do i
    need in this regard or can i incorporate it with the main building.


  9. Please help
    What can you advise us to do?
    Our pastor built a’ temporal’ structure for worship on a municipal site using concrete slabs and cocorrugated iron roof which accommodates at least 100 people. The pastor did not have the plans and has only àlerted the municipal ward councillor before commencement. Now 4months later the structure is completed, the councillor and the municipal officer wants the pastor to demolish th3 structure as they say the land is zoned for kids park. NB. The church has been using the land for 15 years as a place of worship and has requested in writting permission to use the land and show the intention of buying the the land sh9uld it be on sale, since it was just an open space 10years ago. Please advise what steps t9 follow now in order to get plans prior constucti9n of structure.
    Thank you Nwayo

  10. This is educating.

  11. Citizen Kane says:

    Nope planning permission still does not apply equally in all areas. I have in fact asked about it, and while technically yes it does, in practice, if you live in certain areas a very blind eye is turned and you can do whatever you like.

  12. Hi Inneke, all local councils have their own sets of rules and they are not all the same around the country. The best is to contact your local council planning department and ask them what their specific requirements are. Maybe speak to a building inspector.

  13. Hi Janek,

    We live in Melville, Johannesburg, and would like to place a shipping container in the back yard for storage purposes.
    Do we need a permit/ approval ?

    Please advise

  14. Trailers are not covered in the building regulation. If you were to take the wheels off and use it as housing, you would then need to comply – I assume you would need an Agrement Certificate. But I think you will find more in the bylaws.

  15. JP Le Roux says:

    Thanks Penny,

    Can you clarify, when does a trailer become a park home? Do park homes that are towed in require plans? I’ve seen some very large park homes hence I’m wanting to get a sense of where the line is. Do park homes never require plans? If a 150 sq.m. “house on wheels” were built and towed onto site, would it be classified as a house or a caravan? Does it make a difference if the wheels are left on or taken off? You can see where I’m going with this…

  16. Caravans and trailers are not governed by the building regulations. This would be something that would be legislated by bylaws … and since you are in a rural/agricultural area, who would worry?

  17. 1. Plans not required – as long as the deck is low level. Not required for paving.
    2/3. Canvas tents don’t require plans.

  18. SANS 10082 Erection of timber structures

  19. I’m planning on building a personal studio, the size would be around 4x5m . do I need plans? I’m planning on using dry wall .

  20. JP Le Roux says:

    Also please comment on plans for:

    1. Just decking without any roof – not attached to a dwelling – just standing on its own. Or a paved area also not connected to a dwelling.
    2. Decking / paving as above with a safari tent or some other kind of flexible canvas roof and walls on it.
    3. Just a safari tent / large canvas thing / yurt standing on the ground.

    Thanks 🙂

  21. JP Le Roux says:

    To clarify further – the zoning is agriculture. Thanks

  22. JP Le Roux says:

    What are the rules related to caravans and trailers? Can a caravan be parked on land and lived in without requiring plans? A large trailer? Does the having of wheels on the structure make a difference? Thanks for your help!

  23. They are not covered by the NBR. Normally they would be covered by local authority by-laws that relate to events.

  24. Are bedouin tents erected for weddings or as shelter for audience at music concerts considered to be temporary buildings and are they governed by the Building Act?

  25. I think the article on this page give comprehensive information about what a temporary structure is and what is and what isn’t allowed. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that you could NOT use a temporary structure to seat 500 people – or even 50 people – without a whole lot of licenses from the local authority.

  26. Fabian Smith says:

    I would like to put up a tempory structure as placeof worship to seat max of 500 people on rented piece of land. What is require and what max period can tempory be in this regard 5years ?

  27. There are no specific rules and regulations for different types of buildings. The National Building Regulations – and SANS that relate to them – relate to all. There are, though, sections within several of the different parts, that deal with timber floors, walls etc. But you have to wade through all the regs to find what applies.

  28. Good day

    Thank you for a awesome site.

    I would like to know what’s the rules and regulations of putting up a log house for my parents on my plot in Brackenfell

    Thank you

  29. These are not covered by the National Building Regulations. Contact the SABS to see what standards apply to these tents.

  30. Hi. Thanks for this great informative site.

    Just wondering what the regulations are for safari tents?

    Many thanks

  31. Any structure erected on any property in South Africa must have plans submitted and approved before building starts. Whether it has foundations or a concrete slab as a floor has nothing to do with it, it will be a covered structure, even a cow shed needs plans to be approved before building starts.

  32. Linda Patterson says:

    What kind of permission would be required to build a large shed (corrugated iron and gum pole) that would be used for events and not as living quarters. Perhaps the poles could be planted in the ground and the floor done with paving bricks instead of screed so there need be no foundations. Can you advise please.

  33. Any type of “home” is considered permanent Bernardt. And if you read the content on this page you will see that you require permission from the municipality for temporary structures – plus they are only permitted to be kept for a temporary period of time. To make a container into a home of any kind you need approved plans as well as an agrement certificate.

  34. Subject:

    I would like to build homes for my workers on the farm , but the municipality would not allow any more permanent structure to be build. With container homes that are not permanent structures, what is the building requirements around putting up container homes?
    Could you please email me the building regulations?
    Thank you

  35. Riva, That is rubbish. The City of Cape Town bylaws apply to the entire City – and that includes all parts of Bellville. Officially they also apply to informal settlements too, though this is never enforced – but I believe legislation will change quite soon.

  36. Penny, I don’t think it does as a building inspector told me that people in Oakdale, Bellville can do as they like eg. they build garages right on the front border, erect temporary buildings right up against front boundry walls. However, if you live a road away, but fall under a different area in Bellville, you are not allowed to do so?

  37. Henkes, I don’t know about bylaws (you will have to talk to the local authority about that), but SANS 10085-1: 2004, The design, erection, use and inspection of access scaffolding Part 1: Steel access scaffolding specifies different types of scaffolding as well as safety procedures, necessary inspections by qualified personnel, control of scaffolding operations and so on. Your local authority will advise what paperwork needs to be completed.

  38. What are the bylaws regarding temporary scaffolding stuctures.? and what sort of paperwork would i have to submit to erect these structures on either government or private property?

  39. Thami these are not defined by the National Building Regulations. But essentially municipal building inspectors inspect construction sites and completed buildings to ensure that they comply with the regulations and local by-laws.

  40. I just want to know that what are the duties of the building inspector at a Municipal level?

  41. Dorian, the temporary legislation applies to the whole country and ALL structures.

  42. Dorian Garvie says:

    Does the temporary legislation buildings pertain to Parkhome type structures.