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  1. Generally not, depending on the type of structure that has been built. If it is minor building work a plan may not have been required. If a plan was required, then it will state if an engineer’s involvement is necessary.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    Does a carport structure need an engineers sign off in general and in particular Sandton, Lonehill

  3. Hi There, if a swimming pool was built in 1979, would there have been building plans for it?

  4. Ask them for their zoning bylaws. You have every right to be told what the land is zoned.

  5. You should have had plans approved prior to building. Now you have a problem!

  6. A property can only be used for what it is zoned for

  7. Hi there, can someone advise on the following: if a property is zoned business 4, can this property be used for a residential development, without having to get it rezoned?

  8. Ramesh Lalla says:

    Hi Penny, i am new to the site
    I live in Selcourt , Springs and want to purchase some land in the area to put up some flats for rental.
    i am told that the land if zoned res 3 – flats can be built. if the land if res 1 then it needs to be rezoned.
    how can i efficiently find out which pieces of land is (res 3 ) and available for sale. and what would be the process if the land is zoned res 1. so basically my question is does the council have the ability screen the request via some sort of software. the staff at the council are not to forthcoming with information.
    apologies for the long drawn out query

  9. Agreed. This document is not in effect, and is misleading.

    COJ uses the Jhb document of 1978 and the Sandton scheme of 1980, and I believe a separate scheme of Roodepoort.
    I don’t think it’s helpful to publish this document.

  10. No. Parkmore is in the Sandton Scheme

  11. Hi. i have added 2 cottages on my property in Sandton and now need to get consent use from the council.
    should i go for guest house consent or is there a more appropriate consent to apply for ?

  12. Ironically you are publishing the Consolidated 2011 Jhb Town Planning Scheme which has not actually come into effect yet. The council are still working on the old 1978 policy and therefore all the other areas which would be incorporated in the Consolidated scheme are still operating on their old schemes.

  13. Good day
    May you please advise how I can access the application forms plus the relevant guidelines for applying for registration of a commune?

  14. Yes people can live in steel structures but you will need local authority approval for the structure. They will also be able to advise whether current zoning allows this.

  15. Hi

    I want to build a steel structure of 108 sqm in residential area for storage. The land is 200 sqm
    1. Do I need a rezoning?
    Can people live in a steel structure?

    Thank you.

  16. Your local authority should have the original building plans for the house. Any extensions to the house or outside structures will require plans that must be approved by the local authority.

  17. I thought both Parkmore and Sandton were part of the City of Jhb – and that’s where I would start. Phone the City and ask them to help you.

  18. Hi,

    Please can you assist me with these 2 queries:
    1) Is Parkmore in the JHB or Sandton Town Planning scheme?
    2) Please can you help me with the description etc for Res 1 and Res 3 for Parkmore.

    Many thanks


  19. Hi there.
    I live in a property in Buccleuch. The house has a maids room detached from the main house. The room is big and has a toilet and shower. I would like to extend the room by 3 metres on two sides. Both sides are internal I.e I want to extend inside towards the garden and not the boundary wall. Do I need a building plan for this.
    Where can I get building plans for the main house.
    Many thanks

  20. Hi Mogash, Zoning regulations differ from city to city and from town to town in South Africa. If you do not tell me in what area you want to buy then I can’t help you. Please phone your local council with the erf number and they can tell you.

  21. I am interesting in buying some land that is 4000 sqm. This has been zone residential 3 can I build townhouses or apartments with this zoning? How can I find out how many and what sizes, etc?

  22. A 2nd dwelling can only be 50% of the house size and Max 110sqm so if the cottage is more than 50%of the house the council will not approve as it is seen as a 2nd dwelling . If you have two separate kitchens under 1 roof the council see the house as being divided into a different zoning and will not allow unless you redone. 2 kitchens are allowed under the same roof but only for religious purposes and then they have to adjacent to each other

  23. Contact the local authority for the area – the building inspector is the person you want.

  24. This is fascinating Carla. Can you provide more info on how the definition of a dwelling a second kitchen is only allowed for religious reasons and has to adjoin the kitchen. Thank you so much. Of course a granny flat – if allowed (and nothing to do with religion) – can have a kitchen.

  25. I don’t think so, but a registered plumber will be able to tell you. There may be bylaws that effect the choice, in which case you would have to get this info from the local authority.

  26. Catch 22 Oriel because the municipality have to approve the plans. If you believe they are doing something illegal, go to your local newspaper or to a lawyer.

  27. Hi,
    I bought a house 3 years ago and now I want to extend the house,I was told by minicipal that i cant utilize about 156sq meters in my front yard because theres a big road they a going to build and look this is not true.

    the plans shows a servitude line passing through the yard and on municipal rates I have being charge for this,the whole block im staying at all us we cant build and the plans are not being approve.

    I have found the new information that its going to be a park and what I can do to get the plans pass and utize the space.Thanks,

  28. Hi Penny,

    Does constructing or selecting a manhole cover for a manhole have any regulations which i need to abide and do i need to involve the local authority?

  29. Hi it seems from the definition of a dwelling a second kitchen is only allowed for religious reasons and has to adjoin the kitchen, but one is allowed to build a subsidiary dwelling on a residential 1 property. Would you happen to know whether a subsidiary dwelling unit may have a kitchen of its own? We want to build a granny flat with a kitchen on a residential 1 property – would this be allowed?

  30. Dear Sirs,
    Please direct me to whom to contact to inspect an illegal building in Rivonia.

  31. Gerald you need to talk to the local authority – I presume the City of Johannesburg in your case. All these issues relate to local bylaws and not to any sort of building regulations.

  32. I hope you can help me or refer me to the correct place: I need an opinion on a project in premises currently zone as ‘general’ but excluding noxious, canteen. What does the ‘canteen’ part imply? Would it be possible to operate a restaurant/place of entertainment from such premises? Would it be possible to obtain a liquor license with such zoning?



  33. Dieter you’ve come to the wrong place. You need to approach your local authority. Good luck.

  34. Sorry,

    That is 443 Jan Smuts Avenue in Blairgowrie, Randburg.
    Any chance to get “Consent Use” for business or offices?

    Kind regards