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  1. Alta Smith sê:

    I am looking to buy a property in Sandton but would like to know if it is legal if the electric fencing is installed onto the wall of the house. This is in the front section of the house. For the rest of the properties, electrical fencing is installed on the perimeter walls.

  2. jeremy boyd sê:

    Hello there, I am busy getting a COC for my electric fence as I am selling my house. I have been told that I need a “Dual Channel Lightning Diverter” to be installed before the COC can be issued. The fence is between 5 and 8 years old, I am not sure of the exact date of installation. Maybe the specifications have changed from then until now as there was no Lightning diverter installed initially. I am in a suburb of Durban.

  3. Who do i contact (JHB) to report razor wire in a residential complex that has been erected too low on a fence?

    Some background. We moved into a complex about 3 years ago and there was originally electric fencing on top of the complexes boundary wall. Last year the fencing got damaged by a hailstorm and the agents decided to replace it with razor wire instead. However to avoid upsetting neighbours sharing the complex wall the razor wire was placed along the inside of the wall and not on top. In one area in particular there is a large grassy communal area where the children go to play. The razor wire in this area is barely 1.2M above the ground and children can easily reach it, including the small toddlers. I’m concearned someone gets badly hurt.

  4. Hi Bernice, Most municipalities do allow both but the legislation does not allow razor wire to be electrified.

  5. Good Morning,

    We stay in a complex which has razor wire and electric fence all around.
    The razor wire needs to be replaced. Are we allowed to have razor wire and electric fence on one wall?


  6. The regs state that a registered electric fence installer must do the work. There is more information in this article.

  7. Contact the City of Cape Town

  8. I have a lot of open ground in front of my house but my heart neighbour is using this as parking space for his cars because he repairs cars and have no other place to park the cars but my feelings is that this is in front of my house and I have the right who can and who may not park there as per him it’s public land and he will park there who can I contact and can I put up some poles as a barricade to stop him from parking there I stay in Cape Town kuilsriver please reply via email

  9. we have nabours putting up electric fencing on there wall of 1.8m high and on there side of the wall. is any permission required from nabours due to there is small kids and cats in the houses next to the house.Is this legal or not please I would appreciate any feed back on this thanks

  10. Check with your local council Marge. Certainly in terms of the City of Cape Town’s regulations it is not. “Specifications for Electric Fences” state clearly that “They may not encroach over site boundaries,” which they will do if angled towards your garden.

  11. No it isn’t legal. And if the fence is actually yours (i.e. you paid for it to be erected) then he has no right to do this in terms of ownership and you can demand he removes it. In any case I would contact your local council and ask them to please do an inspection.

  12. I have a palisade fence seperating my house from my neitghbours. He decided without my permission to weld his electric fence on my palisade and now the entire palisade is electrified and shocking anybody who touches it.. is that legal?

  13. In my complex trustees want to put up a second electric fence next to an existing electric fence on top of a wall but want to angle it inward towards my garden
    The other side of the fence is a Church ground with their own security gates
    Is that allowed?

  14. Can anybody assist. When selling a farm property or a smallholding that has an electric fence, is an electrical fence certificate required. In the case where just the homestead has electrical fencing around same is it necessary to obtain an EFC when selling. Many thanks.

  15. I assume you would need permission from the owner of the “common ground” to do so.

  16. I live in a complex which is free hold , other rpoperties have extended there gardens on common ground, would I be able to erect a hedge on common ground in front of my house.

  17. Heinrich thanks for your input. Yes there is a lot of confusion between National Legislation and By-laws but in certain cases local authorities apply their own discretion when it comes to the law.

  18. The information in this artical is not as correct as they state..
    There are differences between municipal by-laws and actual legislation. Youre complex is wityhin its right ti put up a fence like that. The law actualy says 1.5m from the natural groung level where it is bordering a public access area. As the inside of youre boundery wall is not a public acces area they conform to legislation.
    Capetown has many bylaws regarding electrified fences. Where most other provinces only run on common
    Legislation as a guideline. It is very important not to mix up the bylaws and legislation.
    If there are any issues regarding fences you are welcome to contact me at fensec9@gmail.com.

  19. The OHS Act states that “They must be at least 1,8 m above the level of natural ground at any point. & They may only be erected on top of walls and fences, or attached to them.” You can read more in our post here: electric-fences-explained

  20. Hallo,

    Our estate (in Johannesburg) has erected an electric fence from ground level on the inside of the perimeter palisade fencing. Some units (mine included) are mere meters away from the fence.

    I cannot seem to get a definitive answer as to whether this is legal. A boy has already been shocked by the fence. Unfortunately I only learned that the fence is from ground level after it had been erected.