Design Your Own Good Kitchen
The open-plan approach to kitchen design allows optimum use of available space and also creates an illusion of roominess. This arrangement is a sensible combination of the sociable and the practical, with the eating counter also serving as a work surface.

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  1. Robyn Badenhorst says:

    Good evening,

    Could someone please give me the proper height of areas needed in mm…… Been looking everywhere and in the actual government building regulations to no avail.

    std height of a Window in kitchen from the floor.
    Kitchen – from the ceiling height I need where the window height max would be. (eg same height as door)

    Standard height of Kitchen outside door – frame to ceiling height.

    Plug points and light switches in kitchen height from the floor.


  2. No it isn’t – it is just mandatory for ventilation to meet the requirements of Part O of the NBR that covers lighting and ventilation. It states amongst other things: “ Where a kitchen contains an extraction facility for the purpose of extracting heat or vapour, such facility shall, where it is to be subjected to an atmosphere containing grease in suspension, be fitted with a means which will filter the air entering such facility to prevent such grease being carried into the system. Where such means cannot be fitted, an easily accessible trap or settling chamber shall be installed in the duct leading from such facility. Provision shall be made at every change in direction of such duct for easy inspection and for cleaning of the interior of the duct.
    “Any such extraction facility and the artificial ventilation system required therefor shall be constructed or lined throughout with a non-combustible material and shall not be connected to any other extraction facility or artificial ventilation system. The exhaust outlet shall be positioned above the roof line and constructed in such a way as to ensure that the exhaust plume from the facility is not entrained by natural forces to re-enter the building via any building opening or ventilation inlet.”

  3. Hi, I would like to know if extractor fans are mandatory above stoves and then whether cupboards are allowed at a higher distance above the stove if not. I have also seen new apartment designs overseas where they have microwaves above the stove, do these have special built in extractors of some sort? I would like to omit the extractor fan because the kitchen has a high ceiling and I would like to avoid having to install cables for this in the wall.

  4. This is a space design issue, and it hinges on traffic flow. Rule of thumb would be 900 mm.

  5. Brett Malherbe says:

    Hi I need some advice on placing a gas hob on island in the centre of a kitchen. what would the minimum space requirement be around the island. kitchen size is 5000 x 3000