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  1. Do I need plans drawn up by an architect for a raised garden bed box 250mm high and 1.5 meters from a patio build single wall with face brick? Checked plans prior to and well within building lines.

    My argument is that this needs to fall under minor building work and therefor plans are not a requirement.

    I’m getting referred to this by local aesthetics in estate:

    1.2.1 The basis for evaluation of building plans for all structures is set. Apart from new houses, these structures include: extensions, improvements, outbuildings, swimming pools, tennis courts, lapas, etc.”


    “1.3 Building plans have to be approved by the AC before any construction work commences.

    1.3.1 Any alterations and / or additions to approved working drawings have to be resubmitted and approved by the AC before commencement of such work.”

    Furthermore the Municipality requires approved building plans for any structure erected on a property in line with SANS 10400 requirements;

    Definitions (page 7)

    3.3 Buildings include;

    a) Any structure, whether of a temporary nature or permanent nature, and irrespective of the materials used in erection thereof, erected or used in connection with;
    1. The accommodation or convenience of human beings and animals
    2. The manufacture, processing, storage, display or sale of goods
    3. The rendering of a service
    4. The destruction or treatment of refuge
    5. The cultivation or growing of plants or crops

  2. Hi Lensia, Most muicipalities will require plans for a roof installation.

  3. Hi Penny. Does a person need plans to cover an open patio? This is in Port Elizabeth. Don’t know if one can put up a roof without plans?


  4. Bernadette, No you don’t need a plan for a balustrade. You must though ensure that it meets the specifications in the building regulations. SANS 10400, Part M, Stairways has some guidelines for balustrades.

  5. bernadette says:

    Hi, my house have an old balistrade (wooden) that i want to fix and upgrade.

    Do I need a plan for this?