The NHBRC manuals sans 10400 regulations
The NHBRC sans 10400 regulations manuals parts 1,2 & 3 as published by the NHBRC

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  1. I don’t believe that you need plans for any type of tennis court, unless the local authority has this requirement.

  2. mr P C Mashinini says:

    Please advise if you need to submit plans for the construction of multi purpose courts (combi court) on school property

  3. Mike Sydney says:

    Please could you tell me were in the building regulations there is a stipulation that a wheather step is required between a balcony and the internal of a dwelling
    Much appreciated

  4. Can anyone assist me please. Is there specific criteria with reference to ceiling boards being mounted in dwellings viz. sizes, types of nails to be used, type of board to be used, joining ceiling boards correctly, etc. beams should be approxim 600 apart.
    Would really appreciate clarity on fitting ceilings correctly and joining the boards together with strips?

  5. Garth Bouwer says:

    Hello SANS 10400 Staff,

    Can you offer any plausible explanation as to why the City Of Cape Town now insists that all access scaffolds erected on city property need to have a rational design prepared by a member of a Professional council – i.e. Pr Eng or equivalent?

    The required structural design is to meet or exceed the requirements of SANS 10400 – but the SANS10400 code appears to contain no design guidelines or specifications applicable to scaffold design. Have I missed something?

    Your insight would be much appreciated.

  6. ITALO LUPINI says:


  7. true…we really should put into working with standards

  8. Hi Kholofelo, All the SANS can be purchased from the SABS here: But The SANS are a set of rules and guidelines that have to be followed when building any structure in South Africa. When you want to build you will have to employ a “competent person” to draw up your plans, this could be an architect. They will design what you want and use the SANS 10400 as a guide and indicate on the plans which part of the SANS is referred to at any part of the plan. The SANS also requires that any plumbing work and electrical work has to be done by a registered person. I hope this helps.

  9. kholofelo says:

    where does one obtain sans 10400 code, and what do I need to do to obtain for my lodge?

  10. Koos the only place you can get SANS 10400 is from the SABS. It is published in parts, each of which has a specific price. These are available from SABS offices and online.

  11. Koos Myburgh says:

    Where do I get a copy of the sans10400? Can you please email me a copy???

  12. Hi Rod & Dari,
    Apologies for the delayed reply. Your post got lost in our server.
    Whoever does the electrical work has to sign off the COC (Certificate of Compliance) and by law he has to be registered to be able to undertake any electrical work. Now if the contractor used an electrician that is not registered then he has also broken the law. He needs to arrange for the electrical work that was done to be signed off and approved by a registered electrician to the satisfaction of the local building inspector. This is not an extra cost that you have to pay. This is one reason we advise people to withhold a suitable final payment amount until this type of problem has been sorted.

  13. rob mahaffey says:

    hi we have had a loft conversion done on our house.the new lighting in
    the loft,according to the local building inspector,requires a new
    compliance certificate.question is must the contractor who did the
    conversion who used his own electrician to do the alterations supply
    us with a new/updated compliance certificate.we live in mowbray cape
    rob&dari mahaffey

  14. SANS 10400