Tap mixer running

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  1. Sounds so easy except you have to be a contortionist to find the grub screw and if you find it while working virtually upside down in the confines of your shower, it is so tight that you cant get it loose and you end up stripping the screw slot. So how does one get it out now?!

  2. You need to contact the manufacturer or supplier. This has absolutely nothing to do national building regulations.

  3. Cynthia Cruse says:

    I have a Tivoli Caserta basin mixer. The swivel handle is very stiff and makes a noise when turning. It has been installed fot three years. What could the problem be.

  4. Check Youtube, especially if you have a swivel spout mixer. There are two rubber O rings inside that needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, Isca dealers are not selling them. Contact Isca where to find them. Remember to use a silicon based grease on the rings. Good luck. (Isca taps carry a 12 year warranty).

  5. Hi Nick, The ICSA website has a drawing here: “ICSA-Products” I hope this helps, otherwise phone them, I am sure they will assist.

  6. I have an Isca Chloe sink mixer.Your instructions are great but I can not locate either a screw or Allan screw to loosen to get the handle off. I have tried to look into the hole using a torch but can not see anything.
    Any suggestions as to how I can get the handle off?

  7. Hi Lin, Did you take the old cartridge to the hardware merchant when you purchased your newone so that you could be sure you got the correct one? Or somewhere you are either missing a part or installing incorrectly. Sorry I can’t be of more help, maybe ask your local hardware supplier to help.

  8. Your instructions are faultless! I have now done this several times, but still the water pours out where the cartridge goes in, even worse than the leak. The tap and cartridge are new. I have re-re-re-checked to see there is no debris in there. It’s as clean as a whistle. Could I have just been unlucky and got three dud cartridges? Don’t know what else to do except buy another new tap.

  9. Also do you know if it’s 35mm or 40mm

  10. Contact Cobra directly and ask them for info about shops in your area that sell them.

  11. how and where would I be able to get a cartridge 4 the cobra tap???

  12. Great Post. Thank you very much.

  13. Hi Junaid, I bought mine from OnTap and the invoice description is: ICSA Cartridge for all p/t mix, the stock code is 9822. All plumbing outlets should have them. Hope this helps.

  14. Hi there

    I need your help. I cant seem to find the cartridge in your pictures. Thats exactly the one i need for my tap. Please let me know what brand it is or where i can get it. I am based in cape town

  15. Hi Johan, You are absolutely right. Thanks for pointing that out for us. 😀 It is essential to make sure that the contact areas for the seals are clean so that you do not have the leak all over again.

  16. The most obvious reason to replace a cartridge would be a leaking tap/mixer. You forgot to mention the most important procedure during replacement of a mixer cartridge: Cleanliness of the sealing surfaces (or the leak may be even worse after cartridge replacement !)

    Once the old cartridge has been removed it will be time and effort well spent to ensure that all sealing surfaces are absolutely free from any form of dirt, before the new cartridge is inserted. It will help if a container could be filled beforehand to enable rinsing/flushing of the mixer body after clening to ensure all dirt particles have been effectively removed from the sealing surfaces.