The NHBRC manuals sans 10400 regulations
The NHBRC sans 10400 regulations manuals parts 1,2 & 3 as published by the NHBRC

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  1. Hi Jennifer, Sorry we can’t help with those, but all the answers are there in the NHBRC manuals, there are no trick questions. Good luck 😀 Janek

  2. Hi, i was wondering if you could help me with past exam tests for preparation.

  3. Reg Naraidoo says:

    What is the height of a braai chimney over the roof pitch with neighbors in close proximity?

  4. Ronald Sutherland says:

    Is there any recourse to a builder that builds with out approved plans and blatantly disregards
    borough bylaws.

  5. Avu-ani trading enterprise says:

    How to check if the company is registered on nhbrc?

  6. kevin papier says:

    as a registered nhbrc builder my advice to you sir is to make sure you aware of who the builder of the property was prior to purchase. most times we so excited about our purchase ..or the real esate agent does not share or also not clued up with the building regulations either,, they only interested in the sale and their cois or her property . it is the responsibility of the new owner or owner to make sure that his or her property is enrolled with the nhbrc

  7. kevin papier says:

    you have to apply for a late enrollment will cost you an arm and a leg

  8. Maximum heights can be found in the local authority zoning documents.
    Slabs and foundations go hand-in-hand and will be specified on plans.
    Flat concrete roofs (with parapet walls) are mentioned in Part L but this doesn’t cover structural design.
    Please remember that we have not replicated the building regulations but have rather provided guidelines to them in a fairly simple way that most non-professionals (as in construction) will understand.

  9. Dominico florentino says:

    What happens when one buys a existing house five years old which was not registered with the NHBRC,
    On purchasing the property I require a bond and the bank is asking for the NHBRC registration certificate. What does one do now?

  10. Great site – full of common sense / useful information. However I cant track down where the overall maximum height of a residential building is noted.

    I have tracked down the recommended FFL to u/s Ceiling which makes sense at 2.40m however floor thicknesses (slabs, etc) as well as use of flat roofs (with a parapet) – no where to be found on this site….


  11. We are not the NHBRC – you need to contact them directly. However you should be able to get details of builder etc from your local council as they hold the approved plans.

  12. Deirdre if you have problems with NHBRC forms it would be best to contact them for clarification.

  13. hi
    please advise how to complete nhbrc ef003 & b1 forms correctly. an explanation/translation/key so as to understand abbreviated options on said forms
    Regards, dee

  14. Birdrish Ranchod says:

    I purchased a home in april 2014 that was built in 2012. The buildings roof is collapsing due to under or no design. How do I find out who the builder was or bring this matter to the attention of your council?

  15. Please contact the NHBRC directly.

  16. Hi

    Do you allow somebody with no building experience to write your exams. the intention is to become a contractor.


  17. Hi Malusi, We do not do enrolments. The NHBRC does not require you to enrol for additions.

  18. I just want to check that do you do Enrolment on a back room.thank you

  19. Download here. Scroll down to Model Agreement-NHBRC

  20. Good day,
    Send through a copy of builder and client standard agreement form.

  21. Hi Fred, We have an article on our other website that gives all the details of the NHBRC fees that have to be paid here: nhbrc-fees

  22. Hi Geraldine, we do not do registrations, I think you need to contact the NHBRC. The Tollfree Number: 0800 146 873 and website is

  23. Geraldean Howes says:

    where do I register

    Cant seem to find where I regisister, please assist

  24. Freda Kotsokoane says:

    insurance amount
    I just want to find out how much money I have to pay for the insurance
    to register with NHBCR when the contractor is building a house for me.

  25. Subject:
    Need to Register

    Please assist with registration to become a member of the NHBRC