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  1. Mitchelle says:

    Dear Penny

    We have in Kempton park reported numerous times I have a neighbor who has actually built single rooms over sixty and the tenants are bathing in their rooms. Eventually the sewers are going to start bursting. It seems the authority does nothing at all but just look. I surely need to talk to the mayor as the depreciates the value of our properties as home owners who are residing at their properties.

  2. Hi Penny

    I am staying in Germiston. IN our area people buy houses and build rooms like there is no tomorrow.
    This leave us with big problems, as it is no longer peaceful in our area. There is kids playing whole day out in the streets as there is no space for them in the yards where they rent rooms. This kids throw papers, bottles etc, over my walls they even throw my dogs in their own yard.
    I already report it to SPCA which is not really helping they told me to report it to JMPD.
    The guy next to me have 25 rooms, my question is how is this allowed in an residential area? Our electricity is giving as huge problems, and those people dont care about other people in the street, they park every where in the street that you cannot even pass with your car. They parked the cars and taxis on the pavements putting the music loud, drinking and throwing the bottles everywhere.
    The municipalities is not like they care at all because I think they receive bribes thats why they dont care.
    Our area is a mess. We have big trucks parking in our streets damaging it as it is not supposed to drive in residential area.
    This is so frustrated and I really dont know what to do anymore. The gus when they drunk they will come and urinate against our walls.
    Please can you advise me?
    Thanks for your time I really appreciate

  3. I want to buy a ship container and convert it into a small room to do laundry in , is this considered a illegal structure

  4. Report him to the local authority – in writing!

  5. hi penny i need some advice, a guy opened a pet shop on a corner house here and the house in question belongs to a trust looking after 2 disabled kids. so he dont own it. the thing is he has made zinc extensions to make more shop, enough to park 4 cars and all the wiring is dangerous done by himself and he is not qualified. its a big fire risk as the extented bit is right on top of his neighbours side of house so if it starts fire the neighbours house is gone too. and he never got any council aproval for the extension so it was never aproved. how or where can i report this so someone can go there and make him take it all down? thanks in advance

  6. X to the Zee says:

    Hi Busi, I also stay on Jamaica Crescent Ext 5 and share the same sentiments as you. Follow up meeting is coming soon and the Cosmo Coity Ext 5 Committee will be joining us. We are going to win this war.. This illegal building of rooms is a serious problem.

  7. Perhaps you should take legal action … and/or go to your local newspaper and suggest they do a story. Or contact Carte Blanche. Good luck.



  9. hi we bought a house in cosmo city Ext 5 Jamaica crescent. people are building illegal rooms, they make lot of noise. I regret buying a house in cosmo city. Our municipality is doing nothing about this! !!

  10. You need to put in a written complaint to the municipality.

  11. Ian Duffy says:

    Hi Janek

    Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your helpful information about who to contact and for giving my situation exposure. Since my first post, we have consulted Mike Spadino the councillor for our area (Kensington) as well as the Department of Environmental Health who have been of no help whatsoever.

    I will try contacting the building inspector as you have recommended and hopefully we will have better luck there as we have been suffering with this for over 3 years now. Furthermore this neighbour has practically converted his residential property into a farm of sorts with an assortment of animals ranging from 3 geese, roosters, rabbits and 5 dogs – this person gives new meaning to the term nuisance neighbour.

    Kind regards

  12. Joseph Johaar says:

    Neighbor has started a business that fix generators and make a hack of a noise sometimes at night to. What can I do cause she did not come and ask if she can open the residential property for business reasons

  13. Building lines are defined a) on title deeds and b) in the zoning regulations of each local authority. In many places it is 3 m. You can object to the rezoning and you can refuse to sign relaxation docs. Quite what will happen I cannot predict. But if you don’t object he will be allowed to do what he likes.

  14. I live in a complex in Sandton where my next door neighbour has been given permission to rezone and build 4 units on his land and keep his exsisting house. We all opposed this but the council approved it. Now he wants us to sign a form to relax the building lines to 4 meters. My question is what is the normal distance allowed for building lines?
    Are we forced to accept this like in the case of rezoning – where his application was preapproved even before the Munciple hearing. What happens if we object to the relaxing of the building lines?

  15. You must contact the local building inspectors and put in a complaint in writing that they sort this out immediately. Look at our page here: paja-law-protect-rights There is a form that you can download and fill in and submit to the local council. If you do not get any joy then you might have to send the council and the neigbour a lawyers letter asking them to move or demolish the chimney. I will post your Vimeo link on our Facebook page and get more exposure for your situation.

  16. The planning department should have given you a report with your plans and they are obliged to point out where the plans were not acceptable and what you need to do to rectify them. Then you can take them back to your architect/draughtsperson and get them redone.

  17. You must contact your local municipal council planning department and report it to the inspectors there.

  18. Our next door neighbour has erected a braai with a chimney that is right next to our bathroom window. He makes use of the braai at least twice a week and the problem is the smoke comes into our house and smells terrible especially with the old fat smells from previous uses of the braai. The chimney is less than a metre from the boundary wall separating our property from them. Is there anything that can be done about this inconsiderate neighbour and his braai?

  19. Where and who do we contact for illegal development?

  20. I Live in Birch Acres Kempton Park, I buld a free standing house on my property, i have sumbimmeted plans but they were not approved, what do i do to get the plans approved?

  21. Israel I presume the initial plans you refer to are ones that were provided by the seller. If so you should notify the seller that you have become aware of the fact that these are 1) not approved, 2) different to what is on site, 3) different to what is lodged with the municipality (if I understand you correctly). Until transfer goes through it is his responsibility to rectify this situation.

  22. We are in the process of buying property and all approvals have been done.We just need to sign transfer docs and pay the transfer fees. On this property, there is an additional structure that was built and I requested the plans from the owner which he did provide. On close inspection of the plans, I noticed that there is no municipal stamp and the structure is different from the plan. I went to the City council to ask for the plans and they provided me with the plans that they have and the addition that was done was not submitted to the municipal. My question is what do I do now as I do want the property but I need everything to be legal and properly done as I don’t want to incur penalties when the time comes for me to make changes.

  23. Tee it certainly does sound illegal. Contact the local authority planning department and ask them to send a building inspector to investigate as a matter of urgency.

  24. A house across the road from me has been bought by a Nigerian and he is building lots and lots of little rooms to rent out for accommodation. The builders will not allow me onto the property and they tell me the owner said they are not allowed to tell anyone what they are building. I am sure the building is illegal as the structures are being built right up to the boundary wall on the main street. The owner is never there. How can I pursue this matter? Do I have any recourse? Is there anyone out there who can help?
    Thank you

  25. Hi Jane, It all depends on the municipality, some want formal permission for a “temporary” structure whilst others not. The best is to contact them directly and put the case to them. Legally they might have set a precedent by allowing it to stand for so long that you should not need permission, but I suggest that you ask legal advice on that. You can, on the other hand report his dog being a threat and a nuisance. The best way always is to have a meeting with the neighbour and try to sort it out amicably.

  26. Jane MacKenzie-Hoskyn says:

    We bought a smallholding in the George municipal area recently. On the property is an old ‘Plettenberg’ caravan that seems to have been there for at least 20 years. The ‘caravan’ is supported by steel jacks and the tyres are still on it, but flat. The caravan does not have any brick or concrete columns or foundation and it is supported solely by the jacks.

    The neighbour, who has trespassed several times on the property when we are not there (and cannot see the caravan from his property), has submitted a complaint about an ‘illegal structure’ on our property. This was done after I asked him to call his barking and aggressive dog off our property as it was targeting my 82 year old mother while she was walking in our driveway. Subsequently, we received a registered letter from the municipality demanding that we remove it within 30 days.

    As we understand it, the caravan is not a permanent structure and therefore not illegal.

    Please can you clarify the law regarding this please?

  27. Report this to your local authority Moises.

  28. There is a illegal guesthouse going up without a consent and building plans
    Nr.262 Spencer ave. Chartwell north estate

  29. Iain you can’t. You need to report the matter to the planning department of your local authority, and they are likely to send in a building inspector to investigate.

  30. Iain Edwards says:

    How can I confidentially report illegal building development in a gated estate and without the regional building inspector becoming involved?