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  1. What books would you recommend for an official startup into the home / building renovations and maintenance environment?

  2. Hi Penny

    Are you Penny Swift?

  3. Hi Roy, you can order from Kalahari online – I have given you the link. Alternatively, all good book shops should have it in stock.

  4. Roy Lumley says:

    Where can I buy this book (Owner building in S.A.)

  5. Write it! We’ll edit and publish it through CreateSpace and on our web sites in digital format. You have enough experience… Could be a best seller!

  6. darryn morris says:

    Wow great site I had no idea the extent you guys go into about building and publishing.
    Maybe I should approach you guys about a book on once you have built and moved in,
    what laws to then know to protect your investment from going into the gutter through mis-managed
    home owners and confused municipalities. Or a book on what to do to sell and run.
    Keep up the good work.