Pool medium rectangle

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  1. Daniel Hiralall says:

    i need assistance /advise on a building. I live in a block of flat and i am on the second floor situated at the corner. all other flats on my floor and the 1st floor except my neighbor one is open to inclement weather conditions. others have building as a buffer. I having rain, dust, inserts all in my flat and the passage is dangerous when it rains. in terms of section 24 can I compel the Body corporate to install a shield to prevent injuries or us being protected.

    Daniel Hiralall

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  4. Does the SANS10400 specify that backfill adjacent to pool walls must be a mixture of sand and cement. If so what is the reference?

  5. Thomas Crous says:

    How does one dispose of swimming pool Filter backwash water?
    Can this water be pumped onto the lawn and allowed to flow into the neighbours yard?