High ceilings living room
High vaulted ceiling in a living room

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  1. Brendan Du Bruyn says:

    Is there a minimum gypsum board ceiling thickness in tbe SANS 10400 Regulations?

  2. What is the minimum ceiling height for an outside garden shed?

  3. Are there any rulings on ceiling finishes ie. Could I use tiles in a doorway or under support beams?

  4. Penny’s comment more favorable- However- Please note- the standards for years of 2.100m door heights- were there for a reason- and so the ceiling heights- your most important brickwork on your house,are the foundations and this part above the windows and doors- This is the brickwork that contain the roof-wires- holding your trusses and roof in place in High wind loads- So- please do not try to save a few layers of bricks and mortar..to see the effect of wind on your roof overhang- with 4 layers of bricks to hold the roof-wires-to lower your ceiling- is really absurd- This part of your brickwork-is where your house crack in corners, if not properly reinforced as well..A 2.4m ceiling height is ridiculous-and so glad I am not the man specifying that minimum standard..be warned..stick to past standards..

  5. Absolutely, provided the walls are built to support the height. The Building Regulations give minimum dimensions.

  6. edward campbell says:

    I am planning to build a residential home on my vacant stand. I would like the ceiling height to be 3.3 meters. Would this be accepted by the authorities here in South Africa?

  7. Basil, Thank you for your comment. The NBR gives minimum dimensions not only for height but also for the area of rooms – and they really are minimal. Ultimately the local authority has the last say! But if their requirements are based on the height above an opening door, and you were to fit a frame that is 1,981 m high (the smallest standard steel frame), this would result in a minimum ceiling height of just less than 2,4 m (2,381 m). Similarly a 2,032 frame would result in a minimum height of 2,432 (which is in accordance with the regs). Standard wooden doors are 2,032 high – plus the frame = about 2,1 m. But I have lived in houses where, when fitting a new door, we have had to cut off a few mm from the bottom. This was probably due to the floor being screeded after the frame was fitted.

  8. Issues have been raised at the local councils here in Cape Town when it was determined that the minimum height required above any opening (door / window / arch) must be 400mm. Thus making the minimum ceiling height 2.5m AFFL (2.1m + 0.4m). The councils now require a 2.5m ceiling height because according to them it was a conflicting regulation within the SANS-10400 which must be corrected.