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  1. Lou you are both at fault. He is acting fraudulently, and you are responsible for having work done to standard.

  2. Hi if I had a unqualified plumber do all the pipes at my house,is that wrong?i have paid him but whos fault is it if its not done properly??

  3. Matthew this particular leak didn’t recur, though the plumbing problems in general continued. In a later tale, I talked about another leak. The next saga, which I haven’t talked about involved me nearly falling into a poorly covered cesspit. It had been covered with a wire grid (which didn’t cover the whole surface area) and plywood, which eventually rotted. Fortunately all I got was a bruise and a smelly, wet foot. Can you imagine if I had fallen in totally!? Disgusting that people can get away with illegal work like this. It is a health hazard. I will probably write a post on the incident soon.

  4. Hi, I’ve been following your thread and am dying to know what happened next!

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