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  1. Presuming your house was built by a builder who is registered with the NHBRC you can appeal to them to take action against the person or company. As far as rates and taxes are concerned, you will have to take this up with the local authority; it has nothing to do with the National Building Regulations.

  2. I have only occupied the house less than 5years no happy letter, electricity certificate received, the house has defects already i.e. cracked walls, I feel my rights as a consumer violated.We have received Letter of Demand from municipality on rates and taxes ,no welcome statement it is a demand with escalated arreas already ,I fail to understand how do I fall into arreas without receiving statements

  3. Nozizwe these are all services that should be supplied by the local authority. You should find out from them was required from the developer.

  4. We bought house at Palm Springs section k,build by Cosmopolitan,currently we don’t have street lights there it becomes very dark at night no tarred roads and no storm water drains,an email was send to Cosmo asking them about the development of our section as we where promised by agency’s that they will develop the place after building houses.Now Godfrey from Cosmo says that place is the old suburb and the municipality of Emfuleni must develop that place.

    We only have main roads,please help

  5. I think there’s an ombudsman that deals with issues concerning the Consumer Protection Act, but unfortunately I don’t have details. The only other thing I can think of is to get an independent arbitrator (the Master Builders Association may have names), or at very least a reputable contractor, to assess the structure. If this person is building commercially – houses not just fences – then he needs to be registered with the NHBRC. You could check that. They won’t help you, but if he is operating illegally that will strengthen your case.

  6. Hallo Penny

    I had my fence raised last year August and I’m still not satisfied with the deal I got. The way business was handled and the amount of money spent on this fence gives me sleepless nights cause its a safety hazard even though I was told by the contractor that its impossible for the fence to collapse. My question is who can I contact for help regarding the fence and how do I go about the situation.

    Please help me

  7. William you will have to have a new plan drawn up that shows these additions – they call it a rider plan. Then you apply to the council to pass the building as “ready built”.

  8. Hi Penny, I build a house and found out that the stoep has been enclosed (with a roof on, sides open) and two of the rooms have been build (study and sun room). These additions are not on the original plans.How can I go about getting these additions approved. Please help. Thank you