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    What are greenhouses/ nursery buildings classed as within the A section of the SANS 10400. The Greenhouses are constructed of steel frame and plastic shell.

  2. Zephania Phologo Machailoe sê:

    Goeie dag.

    I am struggling to find parking requirements for Dwelling units for City of Joburg. The definitions in the literature are not specific as to the actual ratio of bay to dwelling unit.

    Help asseblief.

  3. What is the new law re cottages. I am on a plot and zoning Sectional Agricultural in midrand

  4. can I build 2 granny flats on a residential 1 zoned dwelling?

  5. hi i would like to erect a 6×8 meter car port in my yard which will be fully detachable do i need a plan for this

  6. want to open a bakery in a shopping centre must my kitchen have a back door?

  7. Mario Ballester sê:

    Hi, the house next door to me has been sold and now the new owner is renting each room individually. Also has added 4 extra room at the back and using the bounder walls as walls for the rooms. There might be approximately 20 to 25 people living in the house with two house bathrooms. The state of the house is deteriorating badly and is home for rodents and thrush accumulating thus emanating bad odors. Is this allowed and if not, where can I submit a complaint of the situation? The owner asked me to sign permission to built the extra rooms on the bounder walls to which I denied.

  8. If a Pergola has a removable cloth covering, (for sun screening), is it classified as unroofed in terms of the definition of Pergola? Furthermore would it be a retractable awning, therefore excluded from the definition of Coverage?

  9. Johan this doesn’t have anything to do with building regulations!

  10. Hi, In George we have a problem with jobless people sleeping on stoep area of shopping centers. these groups pack up in the mornings leaving their rubbish behind. They return late afternoons and camp out for the next night. These places have become their permanent homes and its not clear if current by-laws allow action to remove the people.
    The police say the owner of the buildings are responsible and they cant remove but the Council town planning must have regulations in place to support actions as no allowance could have been approved for overnight accommodation on premises without facilities like toilet and water.
    Sleeping in public places is the problem
    Thanks, any comments ??

  11. All buildings require plans approved by council! And all plans must be drawn up by a bekwame persoon.Furthermore, all buildings must be built according to the National Building Regulations. All the information you require is on this web site.

  12. Not if the zoning is only residential. Also I think they would need a business license to operate.

  13. Paddy Balsdon sê:

    Is a builder’s yard allowed in a residential area. The yard services a contract more than 1km away.

  14. Hi. I would like to build a 4m square floor out building at the back of my yard. Do I need plans? And What are the regulations reguarding this? I have checked the site plan and the area I want to build on is clear of any surage pipes etc. I reside In newlands west durban

  15. I’m not sure, probably with consent of neighbours.

  16. Any restrictions would appear in the local authority bylaws.

  17. All structures require plans.

  18. No I don’t believe they can. Complain to the municipality.

  19. Parking bays are ruled by bylaws not building regs

  20. How do the number of parking bays on the property relate to the seating in an auditorium zoned for religious purposes?

  21. I’m not sure what “general rights” are. I would think it depends what the land is zoned – i.e. what it can be used for. If the zoning allows them to operate the kind of business they are operating, I guess they can. Check with the local authority.

  22. There are companies that do testing for asbestos. I’m not sure who they are. If it is asbestos, and there is no damage, then it won’t be a health hazard. It’s when you start breaking it up and people breathe in the asbestos dust that it is harmful.

  23. If rezoning is going to affect you negatively then refuse to sign.

  24. Probably not legally though I’m sure many people do.

  25. How can i tell if an older home built around 1970 has asbestos ceilings ? This could be a health hazard. Home is partially renovated. Not in line with current specs SABS for new houses.

  26. Goeie dag,

    When a commercial property that has general rights are next to your residential home are they allowed to service machinary, like generators that make a loud noise and polute the air with gasses and are they allowed to have signage boards to indicate WORKSHOP.

    Also are they allowed to have these big bins that are collected by trucks right next to the wall of the residential property.


  27. Manie Barnard sê:


    Can my neighbour’s use their residential property as a church?

    There are 10 and more cars 24 hours in and outside the property.

  28. Sharon Kay sê:

    Can someone live in a factory, if there is a toilet and small kitchen, and offices to use as living space?.

  29. Neesa Moodley sê:

    my backyard neighbour wants permission to put up a 30m x 10m aquaponics tunnel in my backyard. the structure will be 4m high and the permission form actually states that it is a rezoning application. Given that it is a residential area and I have invested significantly in my home, what implications does this have for me?

    also, is this rezoning likely to devalue my property going forward?
    and does signing approval mean that I sign away all rights to future objections?

  30. Does a call center fall under building classification G1?

  31. Hi

    I need to build poultry steel structure in farmall in Johannesburg. the land is zoned agricultural. do i need approval from municipality ?

  32. Have units that were built on a lot zoned residential. I need to get separate water metres for each unit and I am told I need to re-zone?? What is zoning with consent?

  33. Bruce Hansel sê:

    What are the restrictions regarding building a car port alongside the boundry of a resinetial property ajoining a municipal street.

  34. You will need to apply to your local authority for approval and won’t be allowed to build without approved plans.

  35. Contact the local authority – they will be able to help.

  36. You will need to check the city bylaws – it is not a National Building Reg issue.

  37. Gift Sibeko sê:

    When one purchases a residential property and convert it to a business right, are there any building height restrictions in Glenanda North south of Johannesburg?

  38. Gift Sibeko sê:

    A potential buyer who wish to convert a residential property to a business asked what is [are] the restriction building height in Glenanda North south of Johannesburg?

  39. Hallo Penny,
    i Have a investor to 15 million from USA; these houses are expensive to save all wealthy people and save large farm produces from being murdered, These houses we want to build are 99.9% safe; they are completely different to all type of homes; the house do not have burglar bars or security gates; the building is built in a way that criminals cannot get to their victims or possessions even when they are not at home.
    The show house will all have the features that will give people the impression of (Wow; this is incredible), the house will be eight meters off the ground on concrete slab, the show house will consist of three bedrooms, two bathroom; but the wealthier can be design to their taste , I want to know it I can build two houses on a one hector of ground, on a plot out of municipality are or on farms; please advise ; Winston

  40. If it says not for human habitation I guess you can’t have a toilet or a basin! There must be a reason? Is there a structure there already? If so this might be a safeguard to stop extending the living space.

  41. There is some information in the NBR, but you’d do best to contact your nearest SABS office and ask them. They will do a search within their system and will be able to tell you which SANS are relevant. Better still, go to one of their libraries – they will pull standards and you can read them there.

  42. Zoning varies from municipality to municipality. You need to contact your local council for this information.

  43. What Are the specific aspects that differentiate an Agricultural holdings and Agricultural residential zoning?

  44. RE: Medical research and hospital areas
    Where could I found legislative, SANS and industry standards (national and international) regarding space allocation and other safety requirements for erecting or renovation office (single occupancy with limited office equipment), office (in need of space for filing cabinet and office equipment); clinical examination rooms, room for interviewing patient; satellite labs, clinical laboratories – BSL1 -3 labs. Storage: chemical storage of chemicals, flammables, toxic, corrosives, pesticides, biological repository, isotope, biological waste, chemical waste, radio-active waste, cold rooms, cryo freezing, dry ice containers, gas cylinders, pressure equipment. autoclaves, animal research rooms, animal research theathres.

  45. Dave ALL the National Building Regulations apply.

  46. Peter zoning depends on where the property is. In addition to this the National Building Regulations specify classification and designation of occupancies. I assume (though I am not 100% certain) that yours would fall under Low risk storage
    Occupancy where the material stored does not fall into the high or moderate risk category. J3. You will find the full table hier.

  47. Geagte Menere,
    I have a container transport business that requires a repair workshop and truck yard space for parking. What zoning will this fall under. I am based in Cape Town.

  48. I live in Capetown…my title deed says a structure “within 12 meters of the rear , no portion shall not be used for human habitation “…may I have a toilet and basin ?…can it be used for anything other than a storeroom ?



  49. Dave Lardner sê:

    What regulations / restrictions cover the building of a guard house on Noordhoek Cape on a 4-acre plot?
    Dave Lardner

  50. This will be covered by your council bylaws. Contact them for information.

  51. Hi, I am from klerksdorp, north west. My wife wants to start her pre school. We just want to know: can two child care centers co-exist on the same street (50 meters distance)?

  52. Pieter you need to comply with the estate rules which are additional to the local authority rules. You can get CoT approval, but this will be subject to the estate rules.

  53. All structures require plans unless defined as minor building work – which this isn’t.

  54. I live in an estate in Pretoria. The HOA have building rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines exceed and are more strict than that imposed by City of Tshwane. I want to build my dream house but need building line relaxation from HOA. My building lines are still within City of Tshwane requirements.

    Is it possible for me to approach the City of Tshwane and get building approval without the HOA consent?
    Must the HOA approve my plans before City of Tshwane can approve?


  55. Asaf Henig sê:

    Can I build a small guardhouse (2m x 2m ) adjacent to my boundary wall without building plans and prior approval from council? Thanks .

  56. Brian you will need to contact your local authority for information that relates to zoning. Each has its own regulations and bylaws. We are also not experts in terms of the liquor laws as the do not have anything to do with the National Building Regulations.

  57. Can you please clarify rezoning of a guesthouse that includes for example a conference facility.

    I have noticed that many guest houses have conference/wedding facilities and also have liquor licences. This appears to be contrary to the definition above for a guest house. which in turn differs from the explanation of a guesthouse given by City Scope Town Planners which states:

    “Guesthouse – Residential facility operated for profit with a specific limited number of rooms (i.e.16 in some municipalities) which provides short term accommodation, and could include a bar, dining room, lounge and conference room for exclusive use of residents. Often it is a requirement that the manager be residing on the property.

  58. Hi Christiaan, Those refer to the relevant Regulations. Section D is Public Safety, D1 is the Deemed to Satisfy chapter and D4 deals with the requirements for “Change in Level”, “Ramps” & “Swimming pools and swimming baths”. Section W is Fire Installation and W1 is the Deemed to Satisfy chapter and W4 deals with Heating & Fire regulations. Hope this explains it a bit better.

  59. christiaan de bruyn sê:

    House Plans

    Goeie more
    On our approved house plans I have the following value D1; W1; W4; D4
    Can you please tell me where I can get the standard meaning for these abbreviations.

    regards and thanks Chris

  60. What do you mean by a modular home Angela. If it doesn’t meet the normal SABS specs then you will need an agrement certificate. All materials must also meet SABS specs. But all types of homes may be built providing the correct paperwork is complied with.

  61. Angela Donval sê:

    I have been told that modular homes are not accepted by the NBR. Please advise. Kind regards