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  1. Is it legal for a glass supplier to refuse to issue the home owner with a glazier certificate? The owner paid for all the glass window panes and sliding doors. He claims that the certificate was issued to the building contractor. However, there is a pending courtcase between the builder and owner of the property.

  2. good day penny, i am looking for a glazing note for windows as per sans 10400 part N , for council submission of building plans.whould you be so kind as to assist me.

    thank you.

  3. Goeie dag,

    My offices are on the 3rd floor in an old building in Durban. The steel windows are really old possibly over 40 years old. Glass has fallen off before. The window handles break off easy and some windows are seized. The glazing is float glass. Should the glazing at the very least be replaced to safety glass? Are there regulations that dictate this.

  4. Nick Fortuin sê:

    Please help. What is the ratio for window to flooring area for a room?

  5. Hi almal
    I’m looking to build a house with mostly glass (for the views)
    What thickness must be used and must it be tempered glass for the fixed panels?the sliding doors I take it can be normal glass inside a aluminum frame?

  6. Balustrades are covered in SANS 10400-M, Stairways, but there is no information about panel sizes. There is probably a totally separate Standard that deals with balustrades. You will need to contact the SABS for information.

  7. Hi there, i would like to find out if there is a size limit for the width on balustrades per panel and what is that size?

  8. You should find most of the info about glazing hier. If it isn’t safety glass it may pay you to replace it or force your landlord to. My daughter put her hand through glass that wasn’t safety glass on a rented property and cut an artery. We should have sued the owner!

  9. Hallo I want to know if any body could give me some incite as to when do you fit special glass , I have a window that’s 850mm from the floor 1700by1320 in with does it fall under special or not as it is normal thin glass and has already caused injury .I am only renting the place so it is not my responsibility to replace it

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  11. Hi Hellen

    I can get you good prices on that glasses.
    What’s your email address I can send you the price list


  12. Goeie dag,

    I am from Zimbabwe and i would like to buy glass products in bulk for re-sale here in Zimbabwe.
    I am therefore requesting for pricess of the following items per sheet
    1. 3mm clear glass
    2. 4mm clear glass
    3. 3mm/ 4mm frosted glass

    Please may also indicate the size of the sheet

    I await your response.