Concrete mixing

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  1. Alfred Jantjes sê:

    my house is 16m in length and 11 m wide. my concrete depth must be 75mm.How much cubic meter concrete do i need for the slab.

  2. Tokkie Reinecke sê:

    Hi for a double story house, which was calculated to be 14 m3 of concrete for foundation. Do I use the 50kg:100l:100l formule and what is the coverage? I am a new builder with a local team and I do not want to waste too much material. We have 12+12+16+16 ouside walls. Foundation to be concreted is .5 wide x .6 deep. Indside walls is 12+12+9 x .23wide x .5 deep. Thank you

  3. Hello sir,
    what is the compressive strength range for laterite bricks ?
    what is the difference between concrete mix by volume and weight ? which one is better for concrete mix by volume ?

  4. Goeie middag
    Can you please help me. I need the weight of 1 cubic metre of concrete with a 25 Mpa strength

  5. hi i would like to kno for a foundation for a single storey extension 3sides,5mx3mx5m, how much of sand stone & cement wud i need to do a 230 mm thick foundation x500withd.rgds denver

  6. Goeie dag
    I want to double storey, of which in future I plan to convert the to teaching class of range of 100 to 400 people, I do not need to demolish the house before it can be converted, I would like to know the size of width, depth and thickness concrete,of foundation using 42.5 cement

  7. Lourens Meyer sê:

    The above (1 Bag cement = 50kg = 0.2 m3 (cubic metre)) is incorrect.
    A bag of cement is 0.033m3 to 0.035m3

  8. Hi Hari, 1cc of water = 1 gram so 1 Liter will = 1 Kg = cu vol 100mmx100mmx100mm = 1000cc. Find out what the volume is first then you will have the weight.

  9. Hi Menas, The only way on site is to make a batch box and monitor the people doing the mixing closely. The other factor that come into the calculation is the stone size and the dampness of the sand. So the mixing becomes an imprecise science. If you are worried it might be better to use a ready mix where you have some recourse if anything should fail.

  10. How can site concrete mix design be made more reliable, even against readymix concrete from batching plant?

  11. What does Mpa stand for

  12. how to calculated the weight
    of water

  13. what is the correct ratio mix 25mpa 1 shovel cement how many shovels premix do i need

  14. Flip Opperman sê:

    What strength of concrete do I need to threw for a slab to be used as parking for motor vehicles, small truck up to 4 tons and forklifts with a capacity of 5 tons. Slab will also be used as a loading bay.

  15. Good morning Janek

    Many thanks for your help and advice. It is really appreciated. I’ll give it a bash and see how we do. This is a very helpful website. Thanks again.

    Vriendelike groete.

  16. Hi Laurence, Ideally to get your 1.2³ m the number of bags will be .841³m with .84³m each sand and stone in theory. It is best to always mix a little extra as there will always be shrinkage and some waste. So your ratio of 9 bags to 1³m sand and 1³m stone will fine be for the strength and quantity you need.

  17. Good day to you

    I am throwing a slab with a required strength of 25 MPA. The area is 16m² at a required thickness of 75mm, which calculates to 1.2 m³ of concrete.

    The above tables only gives me the ratio mix for 1m³, and I am required to have slightly more.

    How much more cement, sand & stone will I require to complete the job satisfactorily? I will be using the 19mm stone. Would it be safe to use say 9 bags of cement to 1m³ sand and 1m³ of stone?

    I will be grateful if you could assist me with this calculation.

    Many thanks for the helpful website.


  18. kifle tefera sê:

    thank u for yrs. help

  19. deepak kumar sê:

    pls tell me the process of estimating of the building and roads

  20. Hi Roger, You will need 75sq m X .1 = 7.5 cubic meters of concrete. The tables on this page “concrete-mixes-by-weight” will give you the amounts that you will need.

  21. Greetings, I want to do 75 s/m concrete floor, @100mm thick, how much cement, sand and stone will I need for this job. Regards

  22. You have to work in batches Asuquo

  23. Asuquo Asuquo sê:

    Thank you,but how can i reduce the amount of the materials so that it can enter or contain in a 56 litres mixer.