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  1. Fanie Erasmus sê:

    Hi, I am looking for building regulations for a steel frame construction. Please can you help?

  2. Hi Guys, I am bringing a building tech company to South Africa from USA and would like to know how to get my product compliant with in South Africa. Any tips from were I can start? http://www.ladacube.com

  3. mark coetzee sê:

    Hi guys, please advise on a timber house development. Plans required?, pros cons regulations?


  4. Shawn Muller sê:

    Hallo Janek
    If I read this correctly, I can use another Agrément Certification to build a container home, provided I have plans signed off by a Competent Person?

  5. Hi Chris, Just having a look at your website it would seem like you have access and hands on to all the SABS/ISO approved products.

  6. Hi I would like to manufacture offices/clinics/abulultions using agrement certified materials. Any suggestions?

  7. If you are going to incorporate a container into a house you will need an agrement certificate. This is defined and covered in Part A of SANS 10400:
    Agrément sertifikaat
    certificate that confirms fitness-for-purpose of a non-standardized product, material or component or the acceptability of the related non-standardized design and the conditions pertaining thereto (or both) issued by the Board of Agrément South Africa
    Board of Agrément South Africa
    body that operates under the delegation of authority of the Minister of Public Works

  8. Hi I am looking at making an addition to an existing house using a 12 meter shipping container. Any advice on Building Regulation in this regard, I reside in Johannesburg.

    Vriendelike groete


  9. Shane were you in a hurry when you asked the question, or do you actually speak like this? I presume you mean:
    What are the building regulations regarding straw bale construction. My local authority is the Ethekwini municipality.
    The National Building Regulations relate to the entire country. Durban is no different. In terms of straw bale construction, because this is an alternative type of construction method, so you will need a valid Agrément certificate for the structure which must, of course, comply with the National Building Regulations. Like all homes, it must be designed by a competent person and the plans must be approved by the municipality. I am aware that some people have had problems getting approval, but there are a number of legally approved straw bale houses in SA – so it can be done.

  10. Building regulations, regarding straw bale construction, Ethekwini municipality.

  11. Hi Marita,
    This story about Alternate Building Methods is by an Engineer with the NHBRC his contact details are: Mr. Paimaan Byron, on +27 (0)11 317 0087 or email: PaimaanB@nhbrc.org.za.
    To find the available systems that have been granted Certification for polystyrene building systems go to this link: agrement.co.za/index.php?page=380 and search for “polystyrene” there are a few systems to choose from. Then once you have the system that has an Agrément Certification then get your design done and submit the plans to council with a copy of the relevant certificate. Then the Council cannot refuse to approve your plans. On the other hand if you are manufacturing your own system then volgens wet you have to go through the costly exercise of getting Agrément approval.

  12. Hansa, I have been looking at this way of building for a while. I have been running into a brick wall as far as the local council is concerned. They want an Agrement Certificate, about R100000 to obtain, before they will consider my plans. My advise would be to pay a visit to your local council first before you appoint either an engineer or an architect. There are two examples, that I know of, in JNB. One is the Jerusalem childrens home and the other is an apartment block in Windsor JNB. I dont know how they managed to get past their respective councils.

  13. Hansa there are no building regulations that have been drawn up for shipping container homes. The National Building Regulations apply to all construction work – but they are not intended to be a manual for construction. If you are using a shipping container for a home, or part of a home, you will need to have plans drawn up, just as for any other type of dwelling. And in terms of the NBR, 'n bekwame persoon must do this. All the various elements will need to be adhered to – e.g. ventilation, plumbing, drainage etc. Things like distance from the boundary are governed by the local authority. You might find a book that appeals to you – here’s a link to Amazon where you will see a number of books about shipping container homes. A suitably qualified “competent person” will be able to adapt what you like to comply with the building regulations. Good luck.

  14. Hi I am looking for Building Regulations on Shipping Container Homes.