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  1. Hi Marshall, Technical info such as electric wiring installations is not what we would want to comment on. I suggest that you contact the ECB of SA – (012) 751 2290 – https://ecb.org.za/
    They are the ones that will have all that technical info on hand for you. Regards, Janek

  2. Marshall Calder sê:

    Please can you provide clarity or link info for an update on : regulations, requirements and / or compliance certification regarding installation of electric circuits in walls of home – built in year 2000.
    I’m led to understand that 20 amp circuits from the D.B. which power electrical sockets supplying Mains 220 Vac will only be positioned in the shell walls of the structure ie. no internal walls are permitted for location of mains socket outlets?

  3. the standard is 400 V and 231v V eskom must tap down the transformer . this can only be down by switching off the transformer .

  4. johan lockem sê:

    Hi pennie
    I am looking for some basic electrical instalation papers and xrawing plus some ilitrations.
    I was as by a spsiaty who ate in self maintenance for thete complex with semiskilled workers on there elrcyrical instalations
    They have approx 200 smol living units, frail care est.
    I habe noticed several instalation defect .
    The managment have ask me to present these workers with a induction how to do same basic repairs and maintenance to plugs lights replace ments est.
    Do you habe some paper that you can forward me to assist.
    My self is a electrition and a elevtric fence installer.
    Regardsa Johan

  5. Can 2 light switches be positioned 25cm above a basin in Kitchen? There are 2 sockets with 2 and 4 switches respectfully.

  6. Willem Pretorius sê:

    Please could you tell me if the lights in a house must be connected to the earthleakage in the Db board. The lights are on two separate breakers. Thanks

  7. I’m from Sebokeng and we have electrical boxes in the streets each supplying 3 houses. Usually each house has a wire supplying power through a circuit breaker, then go to each house. However, with our box, there us only one wire which is then connected to “our” circuit breaker. But then instead of each of the other 2 houses having their own wires supplying their circuit breakers, they have wires connected to our circuit breaker (thus getting power from the one wire meant to supply our house) leading the other 2 circuit breakers. As a result the street box gets very warm and our our circuit breaker keeps tripping and so the whole house doesn’t get electricity and we have to go out and lift it. What’s strangest is that when this happens, the other 2 houses getting power from our wire don’t have that problem, such that they still get electricity when our circuit breaker trips. It seems that the cause of the tripping is that the power used for 3 houses is too much for the one wire meant to supply our house. When I raised this issue with the neighbors, they said this connection was done by Eskom technicians because our house was getting “too much” power. Basically I feel the neighbors are the cause of this problem and it seems it is illegal. I wanted to know if the kind of wiring I’ve just mentioned is possible, as the neighbors claim, before i go to the authorities to report it. I will appreciate any input/advice from anyone with knowledge to this. Thank you in advance and best regards.

  8. Can I put a light switch in a toilet cubicle?
    There is no hand wash basin in the cubicle, only a toilet.
    Directly outside the toilet cubicle is the basin, so that does not seem like a safe position for the switch

  9. How many lighting points can be considered in a lighting circuit? How many power points can be considered in a power circuit? When do you need to install a transformer for a building?

  10. Hi can I use twin flat plus earth wire in the ceiling of a house for the lights

  11. Johann

    Hi, can I run a heavy-duty extension cord across the road on a temp basis from one office to another?


    Hi. if i stay in an old flat and the Geyser has a switch and is labeled on the DB, do i need it connected to the earth leakage by law for a ECC?

  13. That’s too high. Get an electrician who will diagnose what your problem is. it be a simple thing such as loss of a neutral or earth.

    I assume you are a small holdings which will probably have own transformer. You transformer settings may also be a contributing fact.

    Good luck

  14. Salim Khan sê:

    Liewe Penny,
    I would like to enquire about residential complexes and the lack or non existence of earthing to the building, basically the legislation around it.

  15. If your voltage is like that your amps you draw from consumer sub will be lower and the voltage must be higher for everyone to use the load without any problems. No that voltage is fine. Thanks Ian .

  16. Thapelo Monaheng sê:

    That Eskom guy misled you.

    The regulation SANS 10142-1, clause 8.7.11. The last sentence states clearly that “the voltage from point of supply to the point of consumption shall not exceed 5℅.

    Therefore, that supply is too high and Eskom has to fix this problem.

  17. Thapelo Monaheng sê:

    Yes. With reference to SANS 10142, clause 8.7.7. Earth Resistance Test. It states that on sub-clause, ” Where the supplier provides an earthing terminal, this test is optional. Further reference to confirm this is SANS 10199.

    This is just my comment.

  18. Thabo. My comment. No. An earth spike must by applied and a resistance test must be done.

  19. Hi,

    Can I install a plug point in my shower for a washing machine

  20. The building regulations do not deal with electricity so I don’t have access to relevant regs. Also I have no idea what electricians charge for this type of work.

  21. Unfortunately we are not able to advise about electrics.

  22. You will need to ask an electrician this question.

  23. A qualified, registered electrician will be able to answer your question.

  24. Tim Knight sê:

    May we have drawn a PVC armoured, three core, 220 volt cable through a large storm water pipe, in a private complex? The work will be done by a qualified electrician.

  25. Hi,i want to understand whether a certificate of compliance can be valid if an earth spike is not installed on a db box.

  26. I am a 50% owner in a property, buying the other half share from my ex partner. An electrician coming to do an electrical inspection quoted me R3960 for putting in an Earth Spike, from my electrical box to my electronic gate motor, which I understand has become a mandatory regulation in Cape Town in the past 5 or do years, since I had the gate wired in in 2004. Does this sound correct ie. is this a regulation, and does it really cost this much? The distance from box to gate may be irrelevant, but it is 4 Metres. Your advice would be appreciated.

  27. I have Eskom supplying 428V 3 phase and 245V single phase. I asked the Eskom guy on the street whether this was too high and he said it was correct. Can you answer the same question and if it is too high, can you suggest a route where the voltage can be turned down to 380V /220V so that all our appliances and lights are not blown. I have reported this twice without success.

  28. Only a qualified registered electrician can do this.

  29. Hi, what is the standard regulations on wiring in the roof? is it compulsory to use conduits or can the wires be chased along the trusses?

  30. I bought a house wich I would like to renovate. The db board is on the wall I would like to remove to achieve an open plan kithen-dining room. Can I move the db board to another wall?

  31. This is not covered by the NBR. Electrics are covered by SANS 10142: The Wiring of Premises. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy.

  32. Not in the Building Regulations.

  33. Attie, the National Building Regulations do not cover electrics. You need to look at SANS 10142: The Wiring of Premises. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of this standard, but if your electrician was qualified and registered (which is mandatory) he should be working according to the standards.

  34. Tayla this is not a NBR issue. You need to talk to a qualified electrician.

  35. You need a registered electrician to move it for you. He will have to quote you to do the job – I can’t assess cost for you.

  36. I want to build an extension onto my house but the main electrical supply cable runs where I need to gig a trench. What is the procedure to have the cable moved and the approximate cost?

  37. Please can someone tell me , how far a hob isolator needs to be from the hob for it to be compliant. My current isolator is behind the corned in the scullery and I think it is too far and unsafe as it is not in sight and about 3 meters away. Please advise

  38. I would like to find out what the requirements are for connecting wires (for 220V downlights) inside the roof (on top of the ceilings).

    The electrician connected them by hand (turned wires around each other) and then used insulation tape to close the connections. I would have thought one of those brick type screw in connections are the only “allowed” connections to be done inside of the roof due to high temperatures etc?

    I would also like to know if it is legal for wires to be without conduit inside of the roof? This is an old house with all the wires for plugs etc just ran on top of the wood trusses held in place by some type of porcelain couplet.

    Thank you in advance!

  39. What is the regulation concerning the distance between pylons and residential homes?

  40. Electrical regs are not covered by the National Building Regulations so I am afraid I can’t help you.

  41. This is not an NBR matter – you will need to contact the local authority to find out what their policy is – or Eskom if they are in charge of electricity in your area.

  42. Schalk van Heerden sê:

    Hi, What is the minimum height of a distribution board installation?

  43. I have a house with a d.b. Board already installed. I have divided the house and want to be able to put a electric Meter /prepaid Meter to be able to charge my tenant for power they use. Can this be done or must I put a complete new d.b. Board in that section.
    Thank you Jean

  44. Giid day. I am building a 84m2 garage. Plans approved the lot. On the electrical the contractor quote for a 6mm 3 core armored cable. Just want to know if 6mm will do as i think a 10mm would be better. The garage will have 6 220v plugs and 6 lights.

  45. Hi Archie, Lighting falls under the various regulations but ultimately any electrical installation must be done by a registered electrician who is then responsible for the COC.

  46. what is the new law on down lights in the roof. the installation method. who is responsible for the coc after a renovation.

  47. Sanele, unfortunately because you bought the house so long ago, you will be liable for costs. If you had acted straight away, you could have held the seller liable for costs. What the council has told you is correct. You need to get a qualified, registered electrician to do the work and then they will connect your meter up to the supply.

  48. Hi, I bought a house 2 years back that was initially a single home but was sub-divided and registered as two separate properties in a sectional title, however the main electrical connection and account is held at the house that was the main house.

    I’ve been to the Municipality to help me resolve this ; by installing a new meter to my house i got no clear answer or direction, what i was told, is to hire my own electrician to connect me to the municipal connection. The other time they sent some guy to come investigate, then He said the meter box will first have to be moved, such that it is adjacent to my neighbour’s house (whom is the current account holder) then buy a new meter and have it wired and connected to my house, and all this will be at my cost, only thereafter i can apply for an electrical account with them.

    Please advice

  49. The DB can be replaced but as it involves electricity, by law, only a registered electrician can do this. He should give you a COC when the job is complete. If you can find a new better looking door then you could do this yourself. If you are going to drill holes near the old DB just be very cautious about where you drill as you must not drill into any live wires as this could be dangerous.

  50. Schalk Visser sê:

    Goeie dag,

    We have a house which is around 40 years old and the DB is still in the kitchen. The DB is old and ugly. Can the DB be replaced or can I just get a new cover?

  51. I cannot comment if it can or cannot be done because I cannot see the room from here. If the electrician is qualified and registered then he should know and if he says it cannot be done then I guess it cannot be done.

  52. Hi I am currently building. I wanted to install a small chandeliers in the master bathroom. I saw this in pictures! However electrician is saying it cannot be done. Is there way to waterfproof or mitigate room for chandelier? The room is 24sqm and height is 2.8m.

  53. Hi Edward, That all sounds correct to me, the stove MUST have an isolator above the stove in easy reach for safety and as the stove draws a lot of power it does need its own breaker on the DB, this is also for safety.

  54. Hi, i want to install a stove into our tuck-shop at school so I requested a quotation from an electrician. In his quote he makes mention of installing a isolator above the stove in the tuckshop and a breaker on the DB board located in the passage on the other side of the tuckshop wall. I need to know if this is within standard regulations or just a luxury, because to me safety at school is more important than cost.

  55. Pieter I have replied to your plumbing query. Exactly the same answer applies here. I think though you are only allowed one.

  56. Pieter Vlok sê:

    Hi, I want to buy myself a erf and develop it. With it I also want to build extra flats on the erf. How many electrical connections are allowed for a 800m^2 size erf?