houses of parliament for Construction Laws
The houses of Parliament in Cape town where all Construction Laws are passed

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  1. Goeie dag

    I would like some advice on dealing with a neighbor who has a hole in the wall separating our yards, the hole has all the water from his yard flowing down into my yard occasionally gloomy garage.

    I have attempted to close it multiple times but he keeps opening it claiming I am breaking the law when I close it. I wanted to ask what is right and I also don’t have a hole in anyone’s yard the water just stays in my yard.
    I would really like to know who can assist me in my area Mayfair west in Johannesburg and what is the process of getting him to understand that he is causing damage to my belongings in my garage. I don’t have money to get a lawyer will the police be able to help me.


  2. Dumisani Metuse sê:

    If you are doing alteration and additions to a building which was built prior 1977 before the promulgation of the Act, do you have to submit plans for the entire structure or just the additional? and also does the entire structure needs to comply with Part XA or only the additional work, needs to comply.

  3. Dumisani Metuse sê:

    Is it compulsory for plumbers to get registered with “Plumbing Industry Registration Board” (PIRB) or any recognized body?
    if the answer is no, how then do we ensure compliance as the municipality to that particular person.

  4. Hi

    if there is a panhandle driveway between my perimeter wall and the neighbours wall and my house is lower than the driveway in the panhandle, do we need to have weeping holes in our wall or the higher property, that is the neighbour across the driveway is the one who needs weeping holes in his/her perimeter wall?

  5. Christelle Cloete sê:

    Goeie dag

    Trust you are well

    Can you assist me with the following.
    We would like to know what does the law say about a french drain, how far must it be from a river?

    Vriendelike groete

  6. A residential house with student accommodation zoning was built in 2000 with windows and doors not adhering to the standards of today which requires windows and doors to be safety glass. Do all the windows and doors need to be replaced upon the sale of such a property in 2019?

  7. Laura Brodsky sê:

    Hi, does anyone know the rules with regards to residential building hours? Is building allowed to take place over the weekends, and if so, what is the timings?

  8. Charl Pienaar sê:

    Goeie dag,

    My question is about SANS 10400-XA table 2 Classification f1 (large shops). According to this table a shop can use a certain VA/m². The large anchor tenants disagree and claim that this is only a guideline and their consumption in most instances are about 116 VA/m² (far exceeding the allowable consumption in XA). Is the SANS specification a guideline or a rule?

    Charl Pienaar

  9. John Bredahl sê:

    What are the height restriction and number of floors allowed in a Residential 3 area. This is for an Estate in a Johannesburg suburb Jukskei Park

  10. Please advise where the information can be obtained with regards to a persons Commercial Building that may require a sprinkler system. Where do you find the exact requirements by the NBR in respect of sqm2 of their building. For instance if the building is 2000sqm is there a rule to say they have to have or is it only over 2500sqm that a sprinkler is required. Where are these requirements stipulated

  11. what about an awning on a deck

  12. Niresh Bhagwandin sê:

    I would like to know when did “SANS 10400 – Application of the National Building Regulations” come into effect.

  13. Zukile Ndzala sê:

    What is the relationship between SANS10400 & NBR?

  14. With regards to the sans 10400 XA – and electric instant water heaters – will a SABS certification mean the products comply to this standard and further, to building regulations?

    How does the clause of ‘50% of water heated by a non-electrical source’ find compliance in an electric heat pump and not an electric instant water heater?

  15. Hi Benji, The GIS (Geographic Information and Aerial Photos) has been used in SA now for a number of years so that Councils can calculate the rates they must charge that is based on the area covered with solid roofing on any erf. This is far more efficient for them than visiting every property manually. Please read the article here about “Minor Building Work” and sheds and wendy houses: and here:

  16. Goeie dag
    I have a 3m x 3m wendy house in my back yard which i use for storage. garden equipment etc. i also have next to that 2 small px containers used for storage. do i require a building plan or permission from the local municipality for these structures?
    Incidently, the nelson mandela municipality informed me that these structures are regarded as “unauthorised structures”. they even sent me a google earth pic of my erf. or as they refer to it as CORPORATE GIS PICTURE. not sure when the SA Goverment launched That saterlite?
    Port Elizabeth

  17. Part A: ”
    A new category of buildings (category 1 buildings) has been introduced in certain classes of buildings that have a floor area not exceeding 80 m2 to make buildings affordable to poorer communities. The revised SANS 10400 allows choices to be made in the performance requirements of certain attributes for buildings falling within this category. Such buildings have comparable safety standards with buildings not so categorized, but may, depending upon the choices exercised in respect of particular attributes, have different resistances to rain penetration, deflection limits, maintenance requirements, lower levels of natural lighting, etc. It should, however, be stressed that choices exercised in respect of these buildings relate only to the performance of some of the attributes of such buildings. The nature of developments is determined by environmental and town planning processes which are independent of such choices. This should be kept in mind by any local authority when assessing a building in terms of these revised functional regulations.”
    But there is no reference at all to Category 1 buildings in SANS XA or SANS 204!

  18. Kyle Franco sê:


    I heard somewhere that SANS XA or 204 is not applicable in terms of energy usage in buildings under 80sq/m? Is this indeed that case, and if so, where in the SANS documents is this indicated?

  19. Not if the carport is open-sided and does not exceed 40 square metres in size

  20. An agrement certificate is for buildings that don’t comply (or can’t comply) with the NBR – e.g. straw bale houses or containers converted into homes.

  21. Yes they are! That is why the only place you can get (buy) the SANS (and any others) is from the SABS. They employ professional people to do the research, testing etc and to write the standards.

  22. I was told today by the City of Cape Town that the SANS 10400 National Building Regulations are copy right protected. How can this be so?

  23. Hi ouens,

    I am staying in a town house.The Body Corp is run by ourselves.

    When I bought the townhouse the carport was covered with shade net,this caused a mess when it rains.
    Keep in mind that the Carport structure was approved and build years back when the complex was build.
    A lot of the owners covered there carports with shade net or corigated sheets.

    I decided to do the same,I removed the filthy shade net and replaced it with sheets of corigated sheeting.

    Do I need plans for this?


  24. Does a building method, which has a Agrément Certificate, comply with the National Building Regulations?

  25. Hi Theo, this sounds like you will need plans that you must submit to council together with permission from your neighbour as well as the body corporate of your development. This must all be done before you start to do any renovations.

  26. Theo van dyk sê:

    Currently bought a semi detached house and would like to extend my lounge, but the wall I want to extend is the wall between myself and neighbours.seeing that house is semi detached to start off with do I still need consent from neighbour.also the same wall being discussed becomes a boundary wall outside my existing lounge.

  27. This isn’t covered in the NBR – and I have no idea what regs would apply. I presume the local authority would know.

  28. Are there any regulations regarding how close a building may be erected next to a mine-dump?

  29. Hi Deon, Yes you must “register” as an owner builder and then you get an exemption certificate from them. I do not recall seeing any rules regarding “owner builder” display signs on your site. The best will be to ask your planning department when you submit your plans for approval, they can tell you.

  30. Deon Myburgh sê:

    Does an owner builder need to be registered with the NHBRC ?

    What must an owner builder display on the notice board at his building site ?

  31. Hans Nieuwoudt sê:

    I am a registered professional architect since 1974 and graduated at the University Free State (B.Arch).

    I have been told by the Municipality of Brits that I can no longer submit plans for approval by their local authority as I do not have a certificate of attendance to some workshops that I did not even know were held. This affects my profession seriously as I have to go to Draughtsmen who possesses certificates in this regard at a high cost. It does not make sense, and if this is so, where can I attend such workshops to obtain a certificate?